Hey everyone! New here.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Zuoluong, and if you want a more detailed description of what brought me to this site, check the numerology forum.

    Anyway, I have been experimenting with tarot cards to find very interesting things. But I don't know anybody who knows the cards in my non-Internet world, so that's where you all come in. So that I can clarify several things, such as an interesting dream I had on the day before I received my tarot cards in the mail...

    It was actually a half-dream, and within this half-dream, I learned all about angels. I learned the name of my guardian angel (which I don't feel is right to reveal, but I don't know why I feel that way), and I learned that I am supposed to allow myself to be guided by this angel. This is what helps me concentrate while reading tarot. Thoughts?

    I also have some "facts" I learned about angels in my half-dream, such as they are neither male nor female, but they take on human forms. My guardian angel poses as a milk-chocolate black girl with a non-permed semi-afro. Also, guardian angels can read their wards' minds.

  • Hello Z Sydnea


    I to joined this site to chat with like minded people on the subject of tarot ,as like yourself i didnt know of anyone personally that was into the cards either . I look forward to chatting with you more .

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Thank you LoaP!

    What have been your most fascinating discoveries so far?

  • Hi ZSydnea,

    Well my most fascinating discoveries with angels is that hey contact me through car numberplates and ive had the odd feather now and then. I am still discovering new things about tarot all the time ive been at it for 7 years now and still feel i am in the learning stage . how long have you been learning it for ?

  • Hello LoaP,

    I am such a newbie! This is my eleventh day with my tarot deck. I bought it at first because my friend wanted to have a reading done but didn't want to pay for it. I decided that I would learn to read them for her, and I stayed up several nights past my bedtime to learn as much as I could. It turns out that I've only scratched the surface! Plus, it turns out that I have fallen in love with my deck! This is something that I want to continue for the rest of my life now, and I'm glad I got into it at the early age of 22.


  • I can perceive why you shall not deliver your special angel's name.

    I also have a love for Angels.

    Actually purchased two books so that I can feel closer to them.

    Unknown to me, for many years, I had purchased many things that were Angel related, pens, cards, pictures,etc.

    One day, a few years ago, I noticed that in every room, I had something Angel related.

    In my bedroom, I personally made a picture of Archangel Michael.

    Years ago, when I heard that an Angel was sent to help Jesus after his ordeal with satan, I felt that Angel was feminine, I believe that Gabriel is perhaps 100% feminine.

    I much rather believe that there are masculine Angels.

    I study Angels for each day, still, some Angels represent (2) or more days ...today being Friday, Maktiel ...I study each one of their colors, crystals, how they help, what they are good for healing, and so on.

    I simply love everything about Angels, and they have inspired me to connected with my creative side, and I thank them by making cards in their honor.

  • I think I may have been mistaken about the non-gender aspect of angels... Yesterday I sensed a masculine angel named Donovan over my friend, and I was very surprised.

  • Thats great ZS that you can get their names i would love to know what my angels name is .There is a lot to learn about tarot, its great that youve come across it at a young age i wish i did, im 42 now and i am teaching my 11 year old daughter the basics as i want her to fully absorb it at a young age .

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