My Experience with Numerology

  • Welcome to Z, everyone! This is my first post here, and thank GOD that I have finally found a place where people actually understand the things I love to study: Numerology, Astrology, and even Tarot. I guess I Ching is next, huh? 🙂

    OK, so here's my story.

    I was born on August 27, 1989. Adding all the numbers together, you get 8 (44). I consider 44 a Master Number, by the way. I don't know why not. The powerful influence of the double 4 on my Life Path of 8 is very evident in my life... I am very organized, hard-working and consistent, but ultimately my life places me in positions of power and leadership before I even get a chance to breathe. Funny thing is that I have moved constantly during my entire life, going from one place to the next, and I've had to start over with my network of connections every time. The other funny thing is that I have moved around so much and met so many people all over the country (and eventually the world) that I can go anywhere in the U.S. and already have a friend there. I'm only 22 years old.

    Anyway, my dad named me after his best friend in school, Paul David Crain. My birth name is Paul David Mabbitt. And for those of you who do Astrology as well, I was born at 9:07 am on 08/27/1989. Paul is an INFJ, going by Meyers-Briggs. According to Numerology, his three core numbers are 6-7-4 (I don't know the conventions used here for ordering numbers, but I always go by Inner, Outer and Expression). This tells us that Paul is very compassionate and craves aesthetics and trust/responsibility, that he can be aloof and seen as intelligent and withdrawn, and that he is very good at organization and dedication.

    Also, my last name Mabbitt contains four 2's, the only 2's in my name. Can I mention now that my whole life I have been too passive for my own good? I also have four 4's in my name, which amplifies the 4 Expression and the 4's in the 8 Life Path. Let me just say that everything I do, I perfect, no exceptions. Even if I'm folding a shirt to put away, 100% of the time it will be completely straightened out and folded neatly.

    I got involved with Numerology this past summer (and believe me as a strong 4 and 7 that when I research something, I research it thoroughly), and when I came across my reading, I was immediately hooked. American names are riddled with 1's, 3's, 5's, and 9's, but my name is completely different. This helps explain why I didn't seem to fit in with my American peers. Anyway, I began assessing every name for every friend using Numerology. I began keeping a chart in which I wrote down their full names, their DOB's, their Life Paths, their Period and Pinnacle Cycles, and their Core Numbers.

    I had gathered around sixty names or so when I remembered that my friend Natalie felt like she had two different names. I had decided that names definitely attach to personality, so I figured that she must have two different personalities. It turned out I was wrong, because she actually had THREE personalities, one with a name I'd never heard before! I asked her for the full name of each and then assessed them, and she was amazed that each assessment pin-pointed the characteristics of the associated personality.

    It was at that point that I decided to change my name. My initial thought was that I would simply try changing my name for fun to see what would happen. Since I am the kind of guy to go for the more creative way of doing something if it's possible, and since I commit fully to things I commit to, it was actually easy for me to start calling myself by a different name.

    The difficult part was tailoring a perfect name for myself. I knew that I didn't want to be so uptight, so I immediately discarded 4. I also felt too much strain from the 2's, so I also discarded 2. I don't like the number 1, so I stayed away. 9 seemed too big for me. As for 6 and 7, I like them pretty well, but I automatically tend to cling to whatever is a new experience. In this way, I came to the conclusion that 5-3-8 was the best combination. Additionally, my Life Path number is 8, which would fit my new name better.

    The very same night I changed my name to Zuoluong Haziz Sydnea, I went to the hookah lounge to introduce my new self to Natalie and her boyfriend, and they observed that I was completely relaxed (even before the hookah, haha) and confident. Within minutes of arriving, I was openly flirting with the cute cashier (he turned out to be straight), and my friends didn't believe that I was actually doing that. They said, "What did you do with Paul? Paul doesn't flirt like that." That's when it sank that my change was more than superficial.

    I began to notice things. First of all, I began to experience music, not just listen to it. My singing was completely relaxed, and I started singing pop, rock, country, and even rap, whereas Paul was used to singing classical and showtunes. Also, my driving habits changed drastically. Paul, who was concerned with rules, always drove the speed limit and kept every law. Zuoluong started racing the highways of Texas at 100 MPH, conscientious of hills and bridges where highway police could be hiding. I started feeling the breeze on my skin, something I had never noticed. I also began having these strange urges to dive off of cliffs or ride my bicycle all around town. These are the effects of the new 5 in my name. My appearance flipped. I tossed more than half of my clothes into a box for storage because they just didn't seem like the types of clothes I'd wear anymore. Paul hated printed T's. Zuoluong loves them. I started caring about my appearance. I started doing daily pushups (I was 135 lbs., 5'9", with a nice body before I started, but now my chest has grown a lot and looks great). This was the attractive 3 in my name. I lost all nervousness I previously had. Everything I did I had complete confidence in myself, which would then propel me to success. People around me began noticing the self-assurance that was oozing from me, and they began to crowd me, something I had never experienced before. Where Paul had been clingy, Zuoluong was celebrity. I also began spotting opportunities for advancement and weaknesses in systems that could be exploited. I'm not saying that I didn't use those discoveries to my advantage.

    As it happens, a month later I finished my Associate's Degree in Theatre and transferred to a university in Oklahoma, so the personality change not only came at a perfect time to start over, but it also had time to bloom and perfect itself before I left Texas. The interesting thing is that I became instantly popular here, even though all I did was wear a unique headband each day and then throw a huge birthday party for myself on our first weekend at school. Soon after starting the Acting program, I decided that it would be advantageous to me to double my major and study Business Administration as well. It took me a total of 30 minutes to find the right people, get papers signed and turned in, and successfully add a second major.

    Now I am on the path toward becoming a film director/actor. So far, every part of my life seems to point me this way. I have studied music to the point that I can write a full orchestral and choral score for a film, but my passion is not musical composition. I have studied personality types to the point that I can pinpoint someone's type within a minute of conversing, if not before, but my passion is not psychology. I have studied Speech Communications to the point that I can speak publicly, interpret poetry and literature, and pantomime, but my passion is not speech. I have studied Theatre to the point that I can name all the traditional and modern acting styles and then portray them for you, but my passion is not in theatre.

    My passion is writing. More specifically writing films. Funny. Writing is the one thing I'm good at that I haven't studied.

    Anyway, I wanted everyone to look at my DOB and tell me what you think about it.

    I have:

    Life Path: 8

    Period Cycles: 8, 9, 9

    Pinnacle Cycles: 8, 8, 9, 8

    Coincidentally, Lyndon B. Johnson has the same Life Path, Period Cycles and Pinnacle Cycles as I.

  • Write a book about what you love. Your writing is excellent.

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