3 Card Reading for Myself - Input, Please?

  • Hello!

    So I tried out a short-and-sweet spread for myself this morning. The picture is on its side because of the dimension requirements.. The top card is the first card I drew, which I believe represents the past. The lovers upright... I believe it means I was faced with a decision about which direction I wanted to go. The second card (present) is "reversed"- Ace of Wands. I don't know if I remember what it means, but I thought it meant I am not to make a decision at this time. Then the third (future) is the Justice card VIII "reversed"... Either an injustice will happen or a bias will keep things from running smoothly...

    Any pointers??

    Please and Thank You!


  • Hello AngelaVictoria,

    While Lovers probably does indicate a crossroads where you've had to make a choice, it could also indicate a harmonious union or environment in the past or a connection between two people could be sexual but not necessarily? Without knowing the context, it's difficult to say what it says about your situation.

    Wands suit is all about action (it's corresponding sign is fire). Ace card is typically the start of something new. Right side up, it's about inspired enthusiasm and start of a new, exciting project, filling you restless energy and empowerment to 'go for it'. Reversed, it means that you either don't know exactly what you want or there are obstacles to materialising your wishes. There's lack of focus, questioning yourself, maybe delays or you just don't know how to bring about what you really want.

    The third card is Eight of Coins - which is an apprenticeship card. This is the time to work had and take a careful, detailed look at your life. It's about learning new skills to acquire everything you need to fulfill your goal. Reversed, it indicates, once again, a lack of focus and ambition. A chase for perfection which is harmful to your situation. This is a time to look for new opportunities and make changes.

    Looking at the 3 cards, seems that a decision has been made in the past that has led you astray. You need to go back and re-examine and most likely change your decision, otherwise it will lead you to more confusion and disappointment as you go further away from what you truly want.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck to you and blessings,


  • Thank you, Helbells!

    The first card is tricky... I try not to relate my readings to my relationship issues, but I think I intended this one for it. It seemed to pertain to me because I have a couple choices... One that feels nice and smooth and fun and communication oriented and one that is success oriented and understanding with a good amount of mental rapport. Haven't taken any of it to a sexual level.

    The second card definitely pertains because I don't know what I want more. I know which one I'm drawn towards... and I know which one I consider my "type"... But which is better?

    Third card indicating a time to look for new opportunities and make changes relates to different aspects of my life... But considering I haven't made a decision (lack of decisional-ambition, haha) what do I need to change?

    Thank you for your interpretation! I don't expect you to answer the questions I have posed... They're just my thought process.



  • Hmm, I assumed you did the past-present-future 3 card reading...

    Perhaps the 2nd and 3rd card then just reflect your current confusion. And maybe you don't really want to choose between the two since that would mean letting one of them go?

    Sometimes you do these readings and they really only pertain to the current situation... Your current state of mind and the feelings of the other people involved at the moment. And these things change, so things evolve and become clearer as the time passes. Or you could try to ask for guidance and advice from the cards.

    In any case, wishing you best of luck with it all! It will work itself out, I'm sure:)


  • Thank you, again... I'm a newbie at tarot so I suppose practice will improve my ability to read them. I should practice on others too.. & you're right about the whole not wanting to let the other go. I'm just glad I haven't expressed romantic interest in either quite yet. Just talking for now and I guess I decide where it goes.

    Oh it all works itself out one way or another :]

    Blessings to you as well, H!

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