AstraAngel can help me with my doubts ?

  • My relationship with this Japanese man I like. Thanks!

  • I drew Queen of Wands twice asking about how he feels about me? any advice?

  • Hi jennywong

    Thanks for your patience while the Universe arranged an appropriate response for you!

    Let's do a Celtic Cross, and then we'll come back to your Queen Wands question.

    1.Significator - the Four of Cups - this is your right now. You are being offered a nice cup of love from Heaven, and there feels to me a little reluctance somewhere to proceed to the deeper part of the relationship.

    2. Present Environment - the Eight of Swords tells me that you are feeling restricted or hindered in some area of the relationship. This sounds like again, that you really want this relationship to blossom and develops into something even sweeter. The time is not quite yet, although soon.

    3. Crossing you - Eight of Cups tells me that you have at times even recently thought of abandoning the relationship. There have been some rough spots and you were broken from the battles. Still something in you whispered do not give up. And you did not. And you can not.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - Strength - This tells me that you love your relationships to be beautifully matched, with no one a ruler or servant. You are strong that way, and you must have a man who is your match and not over you. You feel very matched to this man, and so want the relationship to develop in the way you see it could go.

    5. Below you - something not so good from your past - The Emperor shows up to confirm what was just said. The LAST thing you need is another Emperor like the last one, and you feel you have found not an Emperor, instead a prince. And you are set on doing whatever you can to guide and nurture the relationship.

    6. Recent past - The Devil - a very tough, tight time for you recently, as you have fled a security situation that you thought was your answer. You are better off for that choice and now that has passed away.

    7. Coming up soon - The Lovers - Wow, I had this same card in this same position for another reading this evening for someone else! This is nice time to be in love right now! Reach out and embrace this future to be for you jenny, this is a sign that your fondest wishes for you and this beautiful man will be at last granted. This is a very sweet sign.

    8. Future Environment - The Ace of Cups - there you go Jenny! That is what is coming up, and this is a beautiful new start for you, fresh, inviting, much nicer than anything you ever thought possible! And the really nice part is that you will be blessed with this it won't be anything you have to labor towards - enjoy!

    9. Outer influences - Ace of Wands - I see you being surrounded by well wishers and friends who see that sparkle in your eye and say to themselves, "she is in love and it is showing!" You might want to consider a security detail to keep them away. It will show. Yes, that much.

    10. Your hopes and - watch out! - Fears! Oh, no problem, check it out... the Hanged Man! Oh no! Just kidding Jenny! Ha ha... you are not going to be hanged for real. No. the Universe has something much nicer for you than a noose - how can a simple change in your point of view have THIS much impact on how ecstatically happy you are? I'm not sure, however you are happy as a little bunny rabbit and you hoped right out of that outlook that used to bug you. Do not fear anything. Especially changing your mind. It's all good.

    11. And, the Outcome - I drew the Five of Swords and threw that back as unacceptable. And then I drew the Queen of Wands! Can you believe that? So that is an amazing YES! for you Jenny, this man is wild about you , and maybe the setting hasn't been perfect yet for the two of you. Some distractions have prevented the quality time you deserve with him. That will be chancing soon (the Five of Swords).

    This is great news for your concerns about him! Keep going as you are, and you believe the very best you can believe. 🙂

  • Thanks my dearest AstraAngel! You are so sweet 🙂 We are still strangers after I gave him a card and no reaction from him at all that is y i am so concerned about how he feels about me. 🙂 Hope this will come true! Thanks dear!

  • AstraAngel would you be able to do another reading for me or do you think it is too soon, Thanks

  • Hi Brightmoonshine

    I would love to do another reading for you. Thank you for asking.

    I will be honest, I am trying to recall your situation... I am simply going to read without trying to tie it back... you will have to fill in between the lines…

    Significator - Describes you at this time - The Lovers - Well, this is a rather nice start on this. So what is going on? This tells me you are really immersed in a love concern, a lot of dreaminess about it too. Or you are wishing it were so!

    Present Situation - Wow. To go from the Lovers to this is quite a shock. Has something shocked or surprised you lately, something you were not expecting? Surprise!… oh, thanks. Something about this ten feels out f place here though, like there is a situation that you are immersed in, and you would much rather be in that lovers energy, something has you more focused on material concerns and you are like, enough already with the material thing… 🙂 this ten has you very consumed with something you are trying to sort out. This piece goes here, this piece goes there, you are cooking or something. Arranging.

    Crossing you - the Five of Swords - so a lot of thought life being devoted to this situation, you are really going back and forth on something. First one moment, then the next... so there is feeling you are really deep in thought here, and it is very nice too, like you are enjoying honestly looking at your life, and taking it all in... usually the fives are a little scittish, and there can be some confusion, not in your case though... you seem to make a nice use of this reflective phase and are quite skilled to be honest. The "crossing" here is that I believe you still have some work to do regarding this matter, a weighing out. Not much more though.

    Your hopes and dreams - The Queen of Pentacles - you are like, okay I know what this ten has been like, a lot of work! And I am ready for something a little more regal and ladylike. And so there is something moving your way materially that is helping this dream to materialize for you. You will have the material supply you need to keep going.

    Difficulties in the past - What led up to the present situation - The Emperor - So there must have been someone connected with this Pentacle concern (present circumstance). Some authority concerns and you are walking away. The Lovers card might play into this somehow… hmm...

    Most recent past - The Seven of Pentacles - So there is this strong material thread developing in your life right now, and it must have been controlled or managed by someone and you moved away from them in it, because of 'someone else'. Someone is in the background here. Someone is waiting.

    Very near future - The Tower - this seems to say that whatever the Ten of Pentacles and the Seven represent are being tested very soon and I have the feeling the Emperor is part of it all and after this I do not see him anymore.

    Future environment - Ace of Wands - well, this is the first Wand we've seen and its a nice one. So after this Tower energy sweeps past, you will enjoy a dawn of something entirely new in your life, unexpected. You might be alone here for a time… or feeling more connected even though you are alone, it a very high frequency energy of attaining something important, you have been planning.

    How others are seeing you in this present circumstance - Page of Cups - you are seen as championing something that is innocent and free, concerning love. You are talking about this matter to someone, a friend, someone you trust. You are sharing about this "new thing" in that Ace Wands.

    Your hopes and (sometimes) fears - The High Priestess - So this shows a deep heart longing in you. You do have this very spiritual thread running in your life, you have a knack for seeing through life situations, as we saw in that five of swords crossing you right now. Whatever it is that you are doing right now, writing, pondering your path to this point, doing a little dreaming, and listening with your heart, keep doing that. You are on the right path and doing well. Sometimes you question your life's twists, and you pray "is this right? Am I hearing my heart truthfully?" Yes, you are with a capital Y.

    And the Final Outcome - The Ace of Cups - Your Lover situation, after some hurdles, and after finally washing your hands of a material matter that has been a royal pain, finds you happy and free as the wind, and in love. Like, very nice.

    I hear a word for you Heaven, "Daughter, you will never go wrong putting your heart first.".

    I hope that gave you something to work with brightmoonshine. I don't know about the Lovers thing going on there is all about, maybe you do… and maybe that was all allegorical 😉

  • Dearest AstraAngel,

    May I know the Queen of Wands you mentioned on point 11 (outcome) does that mean he feels for me? I am confused cos the reaction he has is act as though nothing happen. Not even has he been missing me or ?? 😞 Base on the card do you think he makes the first move to approach me and we will be friends? I am not greedy if can be friend I will be happy already. 😛

  • Thank you again, well this is was going on I need to find a good paying job but i am not willing to work every single holiday or weekend because I like to spend time with my husbad I did that for many years and I do not want to do it again. But of course I have bills to pay , two kids in college and one income is a little bit short and it concerns me probably like a lot of others I apply and look for a job everyday, I was offered one But it will cost me to work there. I deserve to enjoy my life and my family. Yes I am very spiritual and feel a lot of things, I am a starving artist that gave up her dreams because I wanted to have the family that I did not have.Do this make sense to you ?

  • Jennywong

    In answer to your question as to how he feels about you, that Queen of Wands is warm in love matters, however she can be slow to reach the boiling point. I would give him some more time,

    I drew the Four of Swords so he is in a place of reflecting about you. So don't mistake his quietness as that he doesn't feel for you. He does, it's that he is weighing out what will happen should he decide to move forward with you. He is also reposed here, unable to move. You should be making the move toward him.

    And, the Six of Wands, so something very nice developing between the two of you. I see this as a very positive sign for the relationship. And the Judgment card, so I would not waste time waiting on him either. Go ahead and blow your horn a little in his direction. Reach out and touch him, and I promise that he will be reaching back and touching you.

    I hope that helps you, that Six of Wands is about as positive card as you can get in a relationship.

  • Dear AstraAngel

    Thanks for replying my post. I feel sad because what you have said is so accurate. I went for a tarot reading session and that person told me he was hurt before and every card we saw are all work related. That reader told me he is facing problem at work and this fits your four of swords meaning. I am a very shy person so I cant bring myself to approach him where there are many of his Japanese colleagues at the smoking point. Giving him the card is the max action I ever did and I regretted so much after this action. You are so accurate on the Celtic Cross (1 and 2) I am feeling restricted or hindered in some area of the relationship. 😞 I know this sound silly.. I am totally at lost now.

  • AstraAngel did you get to read my reply on September 28th It was to you , if you have not please do and thanks again.

  • Hi Brightmoonshine

    Yes, I tried to reply to that earlier and somehow lost the internet connection...

    I hear your heart if all of this. Hey when you are an artist, that can make for some challenging situations. I kind went through they recently myself. The good news is that your art is so important and should be cherished and protected like little children.

    I drew the High Priestess, which says intuition. You should be getting an intuitive sense of where to focus your work efforts... so you gave up your art efforts earlier to have a family? And that left you empty because you weren't on your art? I am trying to fill in the pieces here.

    Four of Pentacles also says material concerns kept you away from pouring your life into the art. I know how that goes. Five of Pentacles, so this is a straight, a path is showing up, the material concerns outweighed the art.

    Three of Pentacles, and again... 4,5,3... not in order though, it seems like the material concerns are diminishing a little I believe? So you are feeling your art passion rising up now, I would go with what you love (Page of Cups).

    WHat else... Ace of Wands - you can expect something new today, a start very soon, a career beginning, something getting underway for you - maybe good new in the job area for you!

    Three of Cups - says YES to that. A celebration!

    What direction should Brightmoonshine look?

    Two of Swords - going within, so it sounds like you will be working under a roof anyway.

    the Hanged Man - this says that your work/career path will be something unexpected, however you will really enjoy it! I don't believe a job you have to pay to do is the answer either! What places have you looked for work? One wild thought was hairstyling!, as this card shows a lady and it happened to fall reversed so I see the lady's hair up in the air, like under a dryer lol.

    I hope that gives you something brightmoonshine,

    fond wishes...

  • Yes to everything you said material concerns outweight Art, i am looking for jobs in Banking ,and sales . I am to start this job which is one hour away on Tuesday, all I can think of is that is better than nothing till I get something better. i have a realtors license also but right now that is not good either, because I am new in that type of career. All I know is that I like pretty things around me I love my family I love color and giving to others but in the last three years when i thought we were going to be ok I either got a pay cut , less hours or I just lost the job. I like stability and balance .Back in 2001 we almost lost everything we have , it took us about 7 years to get back to normal and then is when everything started going down for me.Thank you for your insights I am open to whatever is ahead of me and you are right being an artist makes for more struggle because I am very sensitive to other peoples feelings.keep me in your mind because I know I have to keep going .when I decided to be an Artist I did not think about money ,that was a mistake and I want my kids to understand this. Thank you again about the hair I been thinking about my hair to you do reading for me as often as you feel, it seems that there is a lot to be unfolding...,

  • Hi AstraAngel, can i trouble you again?

    I would like to know whether this japanese man married or is he in a relationship. Can tell?


  • Hi Jennywong

    I can certainly look and see what Heaven seems to be saying to you.

    Is he married? I received the Nine of Cups which seems to say YES to me.

    Hey, lets look at some other cards for you to see what else is going on for you...

    Ten of Wands - you are feeling just "a little" overwhelmed right now about something. Well, maybe more than a little.

    Queen of Pentacles, Is it a material or financial matter you are dealing with? It is a person I think...

    The Sun - whatever it is you should know it will turn out very nice for you, a bright new day and you are very happy!

    Eight of Swords - your only caution is to not let yourself become stressed out about the Queen Pentacles matter. I want to say it is a person you are dealing with?

    Knight of Swords - Something is developing that will take your mind off of this issue, someone is entering the picture who will help you, defend you...

    The World - all will turn out really well... as this is coming...

    The Page of Cups - I do see a lovely person coming to you, that will be exactly the nice companion for you. It seems you have some other issues that need to be cleared up first, this Queen needs to leave your life before new love comes in is what I hear.

    The Emperor - tells me that she has been a force of authority against you, or somehow has made matters difficult for you. You are wondering when will this all change?

    Judgment - Something with her has caused some real pain, a lot of back and forth hashing out of something and left you drained.

    Six of Swords - really causing you to want to relocate and it has your heart really seeking love. Anything is better than this you are saying.

    Three of Pentacles - The material matter with her will soon settle out and you can then make new plans and welcome this Page of Cups into your life.

    Eight of Swords again. Do not worry, this will all work out whatever this concern is... he will be there for you, not like the others who did not turn out and ran.

    Four of Cups - look for a sign soon, something new, perhaps someone you know is going to offer their help in this situation too. A close friend? It is very welcome to you, someone you have known for quite a while.

    The Fool, and all is leading up to something new in love with the Page of Cups, just beginning now, however it looks very promising. These other matters are clouding the picture, and you are struggling to see down the road to the day when all of THAT is GONE.

    Where will that lead you? Queen of Swords, you are able to establish your own domain after the departure of this other Queen who is leaving your life. Who is she?

    Ten of Swords - she causes a lot of weariness for you, leaving you drained. Some days honestly you wish you were somewhere else.

    Four of Swords - I see you shaking you head over her, and backing away, resting, giving up trying to battle it out.

    Nine of Swords - it is a very troubling matter and it comes back repeatedly.

    Nine of Wands - leaves you feeling very wounded, however you are strong and do not give up. She sees this about you and is backing away too. She acknowledges your superiority in the matter and leaves.

    Strength and the Four of Cups again, You are actually coming out better for all of this, the Four of cups becomes a supply of love in your life from a new direction, very sweet.

    Knight of Cups and the Six of Wands - and here is that LOVE that you are so longing for. This is the Page all grown up and very good for you. Six of Wands says your life FINALLY enters the phase you have been longing for...

    Jenny, I can sense that you are very much dealing with some stressful times right now, it feels to me like someone is in your life who has in some way been blocking your ability (or options) in love, however this person will eventually fade from view ,At last leaving your life open to receive your Knight. The Presence of all of the swords tells me you are very much concerned and at times it causes you to simply lay down and rest, which is good. You can relax as whatever the block to your love life has been is being removed and you can at last move forward. Until then keep your courage and faith strong, you gave something very nice coming in love and it will be worth the wait.

    Hey I hope that gave you some encouragement Jenny. Weigh whatever I say in your own heart and listen to what is inside your spirit. Heaven loves you so much and has very nice things coming your way... peace and blessings to you my dear

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