Shannon Day: Ahead of the Wave

  • -- This is a re-posting of Shannon Day's blog entry from July 15, 2008 --

    Summer breezes flow smoothly over the jeweled white bikini-clad reality of today. The sun sparkles with richness, offering the gorgeous acuity of fabulosity!

    Set in the West coast, the days are stunning and the outdoors are so pleasant– dreamy, really, and here I am in SkyVibe land already into September. The interesting aspect of producing an astrological forecast is the lead time. wants to make sure we’re always ahead of the wave, so I’m always 6 weeks ahead of the current (the current SkyVibe, that is…). The best part about being so early is that each SkyVibe was shot so long ago that it’s like viewing a new present every week! I get to take in the shoot and recall where I was and what I was up to! The downside is that when it’s warm and swarthy, sometimes I need to dress according to the coming season, and that lilty sundress just won’t cut it — and the tan might give me away too! I also forget what I’ve worn (we’ve begun to take stills of the wardrobe, so there will be no repeats! ) One thing I am proud of is that I style myself and purchase my own wardrobe for the show. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I have SUCH fun!

    In tandem with one of my last blogs — how’s the manifestation going? Are your dreams coming to culmination like mine? One of my dreams was to start modeling again. In the past month I’ve shot for LL Bean, PGE and Yoga Magazine! Such a blast and a great way to reconnect with my past. Through setting my intention, creating to-do lists and getting an agent, it’s happened! What is so funny is that after all these years of coloring my hair (I’ve been prematurely grey since my 20’s) that going to my natural color (silver at the temples) is working wonders for me! At 25-30 years old, typically one’s modeling career is finished. It’s a youth-based business. What’s wonderful is that society is becoming more aware of beauty at every age, and with the advent of “boomer business,” I’m in style again! Never say never, especially if it’s a desire you hold dear! If I can model again, you can do anything!

    Well, it’s time to turn over in my jeweled white bikini to get a little sun-kissed love… Happy Summer, everyone, and keep vibing your sky!!!

  • FANTASTic! Congratulations, and hold on as long as you can!

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