Help with a scorpio man

  • In relationship with a scorpio man what the stars say?

    1,5 in a relationship with this man. it has been very hard. hot and cold, broke up ones, he came after me and i came back. it is a struggle, but we are becoming closer and closer. his ex is still in the picture, she is far away, but he admits she is in his head all the time. he does not want to lose me, so we r taking it slow. i asked him to move out and take his time. we r more open to each other then ever, and he says he trusts me and he want us to work...but he does not know hot to get rid of all his thoughts about the pas. they were together for 5 years, she left him once and then they did long distance relationship for 3 years. he always thought she is the one, that until he met me...and now hee says he is confused. i told him i am letting u go, but he refuses, he said he does not want to go to her or leave me, it just that its hard to commit to me 300%

    i have been hurting for a while now, and getting to the point that i don't want to care anymore...

    so i am trying to do my thing, he is still always around, helps me with everything, wants to come over, i let him, he wants to stay...i don't let him.

    i love him, because i never thought i could give myself so much to somebody...

    he does not tell me( told me once, when asked me to come back) that he loves me, but when he is in his good moods i can see it in his eyes. he cares for me a lot and he know how much i give and deserve in our relationship. i can see it hurts him too, to not being able to give it to me. he keeps asking for more time... i am just afraid...nothing will change...or maybe it will

    he even said he would choose me as a mother of his kids and his wife, but there so many mixed feelings inside of him..he does not know how to act or what to think...

    if anybody could look into our planets please

    i was born may 26, 1980 lithuania

    he was born nov 3, 1981 russia

    thank you very much


    as hard as it is last 2-3 weeks we just have been spending a little time together, and its great! he makes every excuse to come see me, like calls me and says..remember u wanted to put those curtains up, i could come and do it for u today 😉

    and when he wants to stay for a night i ask him to leave except 1 time 😉

    and yesterday he got upset with me cause i asked him not to come by, i had my own plans, he did not show it to me, but i know. this morning he already called, and stoped by to give me a book that he have read. left after 5 minutes. i don't text him a call him, its very hard, every night i want to say goodnight ;(

    i have become much stronger and don't get upset anymore over his little(cruel) word games, and he is not doing it as much. i did cut him short couple of times lately and just did not listened to his ego talks. so he actually softens up and comes around.

    i have posted before, so this is more updated, and i still need more help 😉

    mi first post is;_ylt=Atr7tEAARucG9HCt5ZnD0GsazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110914213956AApGo8g

    thank you very much in advance

    somehow i get stronger when i see other people having similar problems and their in-site helps me not go insane

  • maybe we could help each other? im a scorpio woman and my husband is a gemini man 😉

    were having issues as well so maybe some insite on what makes us tick will help. I know when it comes to exes they tend to be hard to let go bc theyre what were accustomed to but its been more like a territorial thing more than anything. feelings would be able to grow because as a scorpio we tend to be very nostalgic. but once were focused were FOCUSED. very loyal and thats it. BUT you haveta make us feel like we have something strong n solid to hold on to. you know? we tend to be a little distant with feelings but when we do open up and express ourselves trust me its real no need to ever think different. and YES scorpios can def sting when it comes to verbal altercations. tend to be quick with the words which sometimes is our downfall bc we say things in the moment to be witty but regret it in the the end. just know ..what u think so far?

  • My friend has experiences several scorpio men, let me just say....RUN! RUN WHILE U CAN!!! Don't let him get attached to u, they r VERY VINDICTIVE during breakups!! Good luck and RUN! 🙂

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