To any psychic or clairvoyant willing to help.

  • I am hoping that a psychic may be able to give me insight and answer my question for me. It would be very much appreciated.

    I have been involved with a man that I love very much for over a year now. There were a couple of astrologers that said if I don't break ties with this man, he will end up killing me or otherwise physically harming me so badly that I will end up in the intensive care unit. I've never had any reason before to believe that he would all of a sudden turn violent towards me, our relationship has always been very loving and he treats me with respect. Then someone else came along, and told me that it was almost certain that this man would get me pregnant within the year, and that I would most almost definitely marry him at some point in the future.

    So as you can see, I am a bit confused by what some have said being that they are contradicting each other. Now I don't know if these astrologers were just against my chosen lifestyle, so they've projected their own issues onto my relationship or if there are actual indicators here that he could possibly violently harm me, or even murder me. One had told me that the reason that this is so, is because apparently in a past life, I killed him, and that I will keep pushing him further and further until he either injures me or kills me so that I can get some sort of karmic debt settled for what I did to him in the past because I carry with me so much guilt over what had happened then.

  • Actually there is no contradiction here. You could still marry this guy and become pregnant, and then the relationship could turn violent. I do sense anger and frustration in this young man which could build up to some that is destructive to himself and others. Marriage and/or children could be the stick that breaks this camel's back and brings out a side of him you never realised was there.

    But you and he can circumvent this by being honest with each other and trying to get to the bottom of his frustrations and your shared issues. If he doesn't want to work through it or admit he has issues, then you will have a definite problem and will have to decide whether to continue with him or not, knowing what could happen.

    The point of prediction is to nip potentially destructive situations in the bud.

  • By chosen lifestyle I sense there is open relationship ? This man is very unsettled and looks on the surface and manners saying please and thank you can hide a host of unpleasant thoughts and fantasies. What you have to ask yourself is why if you keep getting warnings as all you seem to stay. The reason I ask this is you don't feel to have much emotion towards this man you feel cool as a cuke my dear.. he does things for you yes but then many have , do and will in the future save yourself a lot of pain and venture out --don't be afraid of the gap of being alone...

  • I didn't even realize that I had responses to this thread until now. So I am truly sorry about the belated response. What I meant in a contradiction was that a few would say that we would have a wonderful relationship with each other, get married and have children. Then another side would say this is a horrible relationship and he will murder me or almost murder me. There was no combination between the two. Both sides disagreed with each other. The reason why the horrible predictions didn't make much sense to me was due to the fact that since we've started our relationship it's always gone along really great. We rarely ever fight, he is caring and nurturing towards me, and fulfills me completely emotionally. So it didn't make any sense how this man that I know quite well would turn a complete 180 on me and turn into a stranger. I do know that he does have a lot of anger inside of him, but he keeps in under control very well. I also have a lot of anger inside of me which I keep bottled up and then diffuse in more constructive ways. We are pretty honest with each other, and honestly we haven't had any issues to discuss or work through because up until now we haven't had any issues in our relationship.

    haunted_lady, it's a bit more complicated than an open relationship. I am currently married and I have been seeing this man on the side for over a year. Other than it just being an extra-marital affair, it is also a slave/master relationship with me being the slave. The reason that I have ignored the warnings is because obviously I can't just base a relationship on what someone else says, I have to take into consideration my own knowledge of the person since I am the one involved with him, and I am the one who really knows him. It would have been silly for me to end a relationship based on what someone else says based on just the stars. I do believe in astrology and have studied it quite a bit and I do know that in synastry it is just possibilities and certain behavior between the couple is not written in stone and you can avoid them. I am really surprised that I come across cool in regards to him because I do actually love him more than I have loved anyone, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I feel very very strongly towards him.

  • If you leave your current marriage and marry the other man, you will have to be aware that many people have found a committed relationship has changed their partner from the loving person they thought they knew into a more negative individual. Maybe you have not seen much of his darker side because you are not able to be with each other all the time.

    We here are all just begging you to be very cautious and assume nothing until you are certain. It seems to me as if you fear being alone or unsupported or else you would have left your spouse long ago.

  • I know that has happened in the past to people, so it is possible. I just was not expecting to hear it because he is so much different from that. But to be honest, from some of the things that he has told me, I do think he may have Bipolar Disorder. That type of situation happened to my own mother. She married this man who treated her wonderfully and was a gentleman in every way possible. Then after they married, she found out that he was an alcoholic and was very abusive towards her and their children. He later died, and she was able to find a nice man (my dad) who wasn't abusive. Back in her day, most people didn't get divorced. They just lived with the problems.

    Do you feel that he has the potential to be this way? You are correct, I do fear being alone.

  • Yes I do feel your relationship has the potential to become very abusive. I feel the circumstances of marriage for your lover would be very different for him than your affair. He still has freedom at the moment and might rebel if he felt trapped in a marriage or more committed permanent arrangement. But if you and he sought treatment for the anger problems, it might help. You should however resolve your marriage first - whether to stay or go - because it sounds like you are using your lover as a Plan B if you leave your husband (Plan A).

  • I know that I need to resolve my marriage issues first, whether to stay or go. That is a difficult question to ask myself. My husband is a very good father, he just isn't so great to me. I have felt emotionally neglected for many years, and I think I only stay because of my children, and because I don't like to be alone.

    Quite honestly as far as my lover goes, I would prefer him to be my Plan A. He does meet my emotional needs, where as my husband fails and I am very much in love with my lover.

    This probably sounds very bad, and I am obviously very confused, but there is a part of me that hopes that I do become pregnant by this man because I do long to be with him. I am almost certain that I will become pregnant by him in the future. Many have said it will be before the end of the year. But then at least I will always have a part of him, even if things don't work out between us. If he did ever become abusive, I think that I would rather be abused by him, then not be with him at all. I'm sure that there is some very major karma between us from a past life that needs to be resolved during this lifetime.

  • Don't make the mistake of thinking that becoming pregnant will keep this guy around. I feel it may have the opposite effect. He may feel trapped by you.

    To say you would rather be abused by someone than lose them is a very sad statement and one that speaks of your lack of self-love. Be careful what you wish for...

  • No, I do know if I became pregnant he would stick around. We've discussed the matter before, and he isn't the type of person that would bolt due to a pregnancy. We have a contingency plan if that were to happen. He has never met his dad because his dad did bolt when his mom became pregnant, so he has very very strong feelings about it.

    I don't have much self-love at all. But of course, abuse is only a potential, and not inevitable. If someone does have anger issues, there are ways to deal with them effectively and keep them in check.

  • I have been where you have been sadly. You need to wake up my dear. Slave Master relationships are born of illusions --play acting. Real love does not live there...

    "To say you would rather be abused by someone than lose them is a very sad statement and one that speaks of your lack of self-love. Be careful what you wish for..."

    the Captain is very spot on here look to common sense rather than psychic.. you are married. Be realistic slaves live in their heads a lot.

    and you ever think the opposite readings might be he is mentally ill??

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