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  • Good luck with your new ideas and plans Watergirl, let us know when your new website is up and running!


  • Hi Watergirl,

    The cards you are pulling correspond to the High Priestess, which tells me the answer lies within you and requires much soul searching and meditation. The moon signifies events that are hidden from the light and this semi-lightened situation has not been fully revealed by the light of day.

    Hope this helps and Good luck!

  • Thanks WG! Didn't want to make it about me--oh well. Just got my internet fixed today so will take a look at your cards. It's amazing to me how dependent I am on the internet. During my away time I drew a couple of pictures that I'll try to post.

  • try again..

  • Hey all...

    Seehorse: You made your own runes? Hate to sound old, but that is sooo cool! Did you engrave the stones or just paint the images onto them? What type of stones did you use (or are they all different?). I think you should focus on the runes for a while and see where it takes you. And, yes, I will let you know when I am up and running. Don't think I will have an open forum like this, but might add a private room for invited guests only 🙂 I was thinking of calling it "Coffee Talk" Here's a topic.....

    Paddi: Thanks hun. Let's plan on me being up and running at the same time you are setting up your new home in Ireland 🙂

    Firefly: Thanks - yes, the High Priestess and all those intuition cards I have been getting have been not so much of a gentle message, but a cattle prod from Spirit!

    Daliolite: Hey girl - you have me curious on those pictures. Maybe you need to resize them? How are you doing???

    Blmoon: Well, it's new moon time! I think I may have become a little cynical about all the new moon stuff, though. Nothing ever seems to come to fruition on my lists! I have initiated action with a new web design person this week and am considering a certification program for the life coaching...

    Thank you for the friendship and camaraderie everyone ❤

  • Hi WG ! I always liked to make my own stuff, hated the commercially mass-produced products (most from China these days !) in my mind such products carry the feelings of the poorly-paid workers that made them in 3rd world countries working under inhuman conditions for their oppressor's profit could be wrong but i cant shake this feeling...

    The minute i decided i'd like to explore runes, i knew exactly what stones i'd like to use. Stratified rock, which of course is not easy to find. But in our last vacation day we visited another beach (close to the mountain of the mythical Centaurs !) and -guess what- it was full of little pieces of exactly what i was looking for, little pieces of that kind of rock tempered by who knows how many years of being exposed to sea and sun ! I used a small motor tool to engrave the markings and two layers of protective spray varnish. I didn't wash the rocks as to have the sea salt already on them sealed to them, heard salt has purifying abilities !

    Wish you every success with your new venture, don't wait for moon or planets or birds to tell you the right time, trust in your higher self and manifest your heart's desire (no easy task, i try for years to manifest the right lottery numbers lol) Coffe Talk now that's a cool name 🙂

  • WG, Not familiar w/your cards so pulled some. It's interesting that in your present situation I pulled the ace of cups, looks familiar to the first card you showed. I pulled cups in the past and present. Wands in the present. This is sort of hard reading to decipher for me. I see good positioning for your business idea. This is in fact something you've been thinking about. Shows this creativity very much in present. You will be the leader in this venture. Does show you working w/others in this process. You're viewed as position of authority paired w/Emperor. This reading is very much about you standing alone to accomplish your goals. Your goals will arrive w/hard work. Feel there's issues from past. Leaving interior to exterior, so to speak. Something happened in childhood to cause escapism. Feel the presence of authority figure that may somehow come into play in hopes and fears. This in fact has shaped your emotions. Below your situation--Is what you're doing escapism or creativity--downside of cards. Some things are just games. May have creative disagreement but nothing dangerous in present. You're shown as the King of Swords. Your words carry weight. In future, words and communication are dominating, decisions you're making. I feel closed-mindedness is an obstacle. Maybe you feel restrained in some way--financially. Emperor is causing this closed feeling with me. Realize your words carry logic and emotion. Analyze relationships now. Possible upset to come. I put weight on the seven of rods (above) and 7 of coins in Outcome. Do you see the significance of 3 of swords and 10 of swords. I hope this can be some guide for you. I'll try and load one of my pictures. I draw faces. They're bigger than photos so I'll try..

  • ps--your cards

    present--ace of cups

    above--7 of rods

    below--5 of rods--people you're working w/will change somehow

    past--8 of cups

    9 of cups

    future--near--4 of coins

    3 of swords

    You--ten of swords

    environ--King of swords

    hopes, fears--emperor

    outcome--7 of coins

  • Gonna try one more time...

  • Hey Daliolite - Just responded to your other thread. I had a big shake-up this week (3 of Swords) and those cards you pulled were right when I was in the middle of victim mode (10 of Swords) and wanting to just throw my hands up in disgust and give up. I am struggling between feeling like the Universe is there to assist me and feeling like it is not helping at all and possibly even going against me! I have been getting multiple 7's for a while now, though so there must be some significance I am overlooking. I had struggles this week with career and an important man in my life so the Emperor and King of Swords was very appropriate (as well as the 5 and 7 of Wands showing my struggles). I'm past the drama and feeling more centered now, but still struggling with my free will versus what I feel the Universe is pushing me toward - or forcing me to do! I took some steps toward my own website, but honestly do not believe this is a way to make a living and am still ambivalent about it. I would prefer to just do it on the side as more of a hobby. Tarot readings can't possibly draw enough people for me to live on. And life coaching - I would like this better than just doing Tarot readings - the problem is I always hear of people becoming a life coach, but never hear of anyone actually going to one! A job I have interest in popped up this week also and I applied. I am just feeling like the Universe is intentionally blocking me from getting a "real" job right now which is why I am having such a fight with my spirituality and faith 🙂 I really would like this job, though so I am doing what I can do about it and crossing my fingers. This too shall pass I suppose!


    A favour please. I'm low right now but maybe you can help answer a post. It's called-- finally breaking free ----by Angela168.

    I think you may already be familiar with her as she sought advice in the past as she was ready to run off with an old flame connected online. Spirit on my end sees deep regret in the future--although she will get the lesson then but at a price. Perhaps you can pick up the right words for her as she did not get my post at all. No one else has answered her so it's a tough one---someone on her behalf from the other side begs for just one more try to help her see clarity. I thought of you.. If you can't you can't but at least I asked. THANKS! BLESSINGS

  • Blmoon where is tjat thread, can't find it anywhere!


  • I will give it a try, but I don't seem to have much luck in getting through to people 🙂

  • It's not you--it's the nature of "people"

    and THANKS!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Well I have reached the proverbial crossroads. This past week so much happened both internally and externally. I even got to the point where I was so angry with the Heavens that I renounced it and all it stood for. Really this crisis of faith is about believing (or not) that there is anyone up there that is "on my side" so to speak as it has been a very LONG and challenging year which was preceded by almost a decade of strife. As you know I recently renewied activity toward getting my website designed. The minimum cost to get something up and running the way I want it is $3k. I just didn't want to spend that kind of money. Especially since I have no interest in providing false hope to people in the name of being "positive" and that seems to be all that anyone wants. Not that I think messages should be all doom and gloom, just that I think it is important to relay messages responsibly and not assist people in remaining stuck. Hope is a great thing, but when we pin false hope on something that is not in our best interst we wind up feeling shattered at some point. Also, because sometimes all the emotional drama and angst just gets to me and I feel so run down and exhausted. So I once again went back to the best thing for me to do in order to help people in this way is to go back to school and complete my graduate degree in psychology. The problem is it will take at least 3 years (completion of degree and the necessary internship afterward). Which returned me to my original problem of I need a job with flexibility and not a lot of responsibility. I woke up Wednesday morning thinking of massage school for some reason. I could basically set my own hours and be my own boss (and perhaps most importantly, not have to take my "work" home with me!). In looking into massage school, I found that the program that I want takes 10 months and costs $16k (this includes deep tissue and sports injury therapy). Quite a bit more than the $3k I did not want to spend on a website, but I actually felt more comfortable with it. However, I have already been out of work for a year and this will put me out of the job market for another 10 months plus set me back quite a big chunk of money. In addition, it will take some time to build up my clientele and massage therapists really don't make all that much so I was not sure it would both support me and pay for school. The good news is that I am finally ok with not having a job/career that pays a big salary. It actually sounds refreshing to have a job that pays less, but also affords me much more inner peace. However, I have been going back and forth on this since Wednesday morning. At this particular moment, I am leaning toward the massage school route. I have had a vision in my mind for a while of having my own establishment that would be multi-functional in a way serving mind-body-spirit, however in the past I was thinking of the therapy/counseling route as the major theme. This would place massage at the forefront at least for now, however I would like it to become more of a "wellness center" and readings, counseling etc could be a part of this. Definitely also would love to have a pilates and yoga studio, maybe a nutritionist and some retail of natural products along the lines of Aveda. I even got a mental flash of a name for it earlier this week (not sure if I can use it as it is also the name of a book of Walt Whitman's poetry) as well as the interior design. I tried pulling cards earlier this week and of course it was confusing because I was trying to read for myself - part of what set off my anger 🙂 I have until Tuesday morning to decide as the next session of classes starts Tuesday so if anyone has any comments or thoughts, they are much welcomed!

  • Sounds to me pretty much like you have made up your mind already! Sounds brilliant, good luck!


  • I made that choice once! contacted the school--got the info--planned it all out and then at the last moment just couldn't do it---it had all made "perfect sense" in my head---looked good on paper but in the end the flow of energy was not with me. Looking back, it would have not worked as it would have drained me too much as I just give out too much energy and also take on energy and others ailments. I realized that giving healings is better for me to be a rare choice. I also years before that aplied for nursing school and was disapointed to be on a waiting list but again---good thing as that too would have burnt me out as I'm just too much the empath plus the burdon of knowing others pain and burdons would have burnt me out as I did have also a family life to give to as well. Just today--at my grandaughters birthday party was a face painter! seventy five dollars an hour and I thought wow! What a fun job--of course I had my face done as well---butterflys---she was very good and I know I could do that! So, as always I as well still shopping for that perfect job! I do work part time already but honestly still feel like I'm always looking for some magic perfect career. I hate this lousey economy---like everyone else so tired of treading water every month. I am a poet--but no money in that! I've done so many free lance things all my life. Reality check with me is in the end I will never be 9 to five dependable five days a week. I need down time. I too have been offered psychic jobs but can't bring myself to take money from people who I know are wasting their money.Really, it's a scary responsability and I think part of me uses that as an excuse. Watergirl--truth is the universe will decide for you---frustrating as that is. I've been thinking of doing readings for money on a part time bases along with special workshops. Look into that if you have a local spiritual center. It costs you nothing. As for setting up your web sight---if you connect with someone or some organization already set up---it costs you nothing--you get a trial run--learn what you like or don't like and later can start your own. Bottom line though---you either believe you in your gift or not.

  • your cards! BLESSINGS!

  • I don't know what cards mean any more when referencing my own issues! It's not necessarily that I don't believe in my gift - it's that I do not like using it in that way. However, yes, lately I have questioned it. Giving readings is actually what drains me - emotionally and spiritually. It seems that all people want is to see their future when what they need to do is deal with the here and now. AND, they only listen to what they want to hear anyway. I think people have different expectations when going to therapy. And I think the massage therapy - although it may be more physically taxing - will be less draining than doing readings. Plus, I won't have to worry about whether or not I "got it right." I can make them feel better physically and then send them on their way. However, I gather from your message that you think this is the wrong path for me to take. The thing is yes, the economy is still rather dreary and I have not been able to get any type of job - full time or part time. So what am I supposed to do, sit around on my hands? Spending money on the website - to do something which drains me? It just doesn't feel right. Also, how many repeat customers do you think I would have based on results here on this forum? Zero! If I changed my ethics and just started blowing smoke up people's butts I would have plenty of repeat business, but that's just not me. Not sure what to do and without a partner bringing income into the household not sure I have much of a choice at this point...

  • I am not psychic but have a few observations. I have not followed very long but I can feel your frustration with your situation. I'll describe it as a lack of progress but believe you are progressing more than you can appreciate.

    I think that with the gifts you have been given massage therapy could work for you but I wonder if you have to start with the full program of deep tissue and sports injury therapy. IS there a program that just offers the basic relaxation massage. I have read some of your beautiful responses to others and see that your decriptions are often a growth path not just an observation of circumstances. Are you giving yourself the freedom and the vision for growth.

    You expressed frustration that people only want positive outcomes. I believe that is because they have not grown enough to face the truth. But.... no matter what path you take with your career I believe people will be beating a path to your door for the knowledge you give them. You may find that the touch of a massage will bring healing to them as well as to you. On the other hand it may be more draining than you ever anticipated. Like one of my friends said It is so hard to be with >>>> She just sucks the fun out of life. Some people do that hopefully they don't get massages.

    Do you have any interest in teaching? It would be a great combination for your psychic abilities and psychology knowledge. I hear more and more people who want to learn to meditate and get in touch with themselves. Maybe because there is so much pressure on everyone currently.

    I can't believe I am sending this to you but something just called out to me. Take what you need from this and discard the rest. Much love and light

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