To My Friends and Mentors

  • HI WG what about the Touch for Health programme? It combines applied kineseology with holistic healing and it is nowhere near so expensive as that course you want to do. The book is called Touch for Health by John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie, M.Ed. You can gogle for more info. Also good for sport injuries. I got the book and there is a course starting here but the lady doing it is having an operation so it keeps getting moved forward and there are only 2 of us wanting to do it.

    Just a thought if you haven't already got that qualification.


  • Hi WG, Psychology would be a very good career path for you. You want to help people which is very important when dealing w/psychology. Be prepared to hear the worst. I also get, do what appeals to you. Many times have thought about doing something that is more appealing than logical. Psychology would be the logical. Have never checked into massage therapy so can't offer anything except seems ok--be careful (men).

    They found the teenager I did the reading on. She was camped out in her friends bedroom. I seem to get the inclination towards someone taking them. I have found that you have to let the cards tell the story. But you do get impressions as you read them.

    One thing that is so good about the readings you do is they are honest. It's not a fairy tale reading. I missed you while you were away and hope you stay here. I'll be offering prayers and thoughts for you, I know how it feels.

  • Hey again,

    Oie! Well, still not decided but I still have another day to work on clarity 🙂

    BLMOON - no spiritual churches here in Las Vegas (at least that I am aware of). I am actually going to have my niece work on my website now, but it may turn out like the last person who wanted to work on it for me - lack of time. She has a newborn baby and will be returning to work as a school teacher in 2 weeks. I just can't justify spending that kind of money on a website that I really don't have a "YES this is what I want" feel about. I could never work with sick people - can't even really be in a hospital, but I do enjoy giving massages. In fact, I usually feel energized afterward. Although I know it would be different having to do several a day. I still just can't get a read from Spirit on whether this is a good or bad thing. The images I get can go either's a good thing and will support me in growing into other things and don't worry about spending the money OR it's a bad thing and a financial mistake. Not sure how the Universe will make this decision for me -- I either go to the school and sign up or I don't -- how does that look (the Universe deciding)? I guess maybe if I get in a car accident on the way to the school (God forbid - just a joke!) The bottom line is I would like to feel like I am at least putting some sort of productive effort into creating results rather than sitting around waiting for a miracle. In the past few weeks I only found one job I could apply for and it was through a placement agency so no details on the actual company name, etc. Today there was ONE job to apply for. And there's never anyone to follow up with as everything is online now and they don't want people calling and bothering them. All you get is an email reply from "HR@whatevercompany" and these are national companies. So tired of this sluggish economy!

    ABETTERPLACE - thank you! Actually, the massage therapy program is 7.5 months and $12k or so - the deep tissue/sports injury is optional and tacks on an extra 2.5 months and roughly $4k. I just don't understand the point of massage that isn't deep tissue, but then again I am a glutton for punishment 🙂 I try to use my gift in a way that leads people down the right path towards growth and healing so thank you for recognizing that. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be what people want! So the massage therapy would be physically draining and giving readings is emotionally/mentally/spiritually draining. I thought that doing the massage thing would give me the ability to balance things out. There are days when I do maybe four readings and I feel like a Mack truck has run over me - so much so that I just slump over into an inert ball on my couch. Having a physical outlet as an alternative might be good.

    PADDI - thanks, I'll check it out.

    DALIOLITE - Counseling/therapy appeals to me, but the thought of going through 3 years of graduate study does not! I just have days where I feel like I don't really have a choice and it would be easier for me emotionally than just doing "readings." You know how draining it can be! The massage therapy appeals to me because I can be my own boss (although I can be my own boss as a therapist as well) and after all my years as an Account Executive (dealing with demanding, unappreciative and belligerent clients) it would be a nice change to not have to worry about meeting deadlines, trying to find "middle ground' in the midst of arguing parties, grand openings, people calling to complain, etc. I also feel better equipped to market myself as a massage therapist than a "psychic" or "tarot reader". Honestly, I don't have the foggiest clue how to market myself as the latter. Anytime I see someone else's advertisements or whatever as a psychic reader it always screams "scam artist!" to me. And thank you for your comments on my readings being honest instead of fairy tales. I just wish the messages got through to more people. I am glad the runaway teenager was found - at least I was right about a young female friend of hers having information they needed (just didn't think it would be quite so literal!). I still think the family needs to lighten up on her as she was feeling really repressed and overly controlled by them - and I still think there was a boy involved in this somewhere. Oh well - at least she is home safe and sound! Thank you for your prayers - I certainly can use the extra help 🙂

  • Yes, I sent your post to the family. You know, I never heard anything from the family but I know it helped. I did a reading on who took her/who she was with. I kept getting someone she knew, something in common. The emperor was in the present and hierophant next to it in future. Also, to the left of center was either a knight or page on a white horse. Made me think of older man. All the readings you've done for me have been 100. I'm still in contact w/my BF. It's platonic at present. It's very hard as he calls everyday. I know it won't get better unless I withdraw totally--it's hard as heck. Wish you could go to my facebook page and see my drawings. I wish you the best, always!

  • Well, the UPDATE is that although I do not understand what the Universe wants from me at this point (lol) I had to pay attention to the signs that this was not the right path for me. So once again I am left scratching my head! It seems as though no matter what solution or way forward I come up with the Universe says NO. Oh how I wish I would get the YES answer (sigh!). And today I received an email from a national company regarding a job opening - I had submitted my resume back in May for a job that was right in line with my experience and salary requirements, but never even got an interview. I started to fill out the online application for this job - ignoring all the signs that this job was "beneath" me (this is a "starter" job for 18 to early 20-somethings with no experience) until I realized I was actually applying for a job that pays just a little over $25k a year. Yes, I know I am unemployed and there is a need to lower my standards, but I have been in upper management and senior level positions for quite some time - and used to a six figure income. I don't need six figures, but $25k is more than a little extreme. Talk about desperation. Once again, I really wish the Universe would tell me what the heck it wants from me - I am running out of steam and hope.

  • Hello, Watergirl! I haven't posted in ages but this thread caught my eye. There is a saying a psychic I knew used to say before a reading - "Let the hidden factors be revealed...."

    I think that would apply to your recurring cards. And I am a massage therapist and Reiki master and a lot of other certs. and it is a very healing path. But it's also -for all those who love deep tissue massage - really hard physical labor. I had been looking into esthetician (facialist classes) as an adjunct because doing massage for two years ran me right into an $8,000 hand surgery and now my other hand will get numb if I do more than 3 hours - and I'm not running myself into another hand surgury, although they don't have to make a 3" cut in your hand these days.

    I loved massage school, learned so much and it was one of the coolest things I've ever done, but realistically therapists flame out after about 5 years and can't do much more than 4 a day -which seems like good money but there's school, tables, greeting clients, conversing afterward and doing the laundry, and a daily cleanse of your energy as well. Barbara Brennan's Hand's of Light is a great book for the non physicality of touch - the energy component...

    I feel just the way you do, having been in management myself and now looking at $25,000 a year jobs! Or reading job descriptions that absolutely want to OWN you - like security guard training is easy and quick but's $12.00 an hour if you carry a gun and they want you on call 24/7...naaah. Smile....

    Web design is really pretty easy these days if you have Wordpress, maybe you could play around with it and actually have fun? I did with my blog and it was interesting but not profitable.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and hope that when you pull the cards you'll ask that the "hidden factors be revealed" and some of the confusion will fall away.

    Keep the faith and I'll send you prayers and light!


  • Well I can't say that anything specific has changed, but I do feel that I have turned a corner (finally!). I think I just finally was able to release my resentment with Spirit and reconnected. Also, just focusing on the little moments in each day and finding joy - or at the very least release from worry and anxiety - has really helped. Music and dance have become a new part of my daily ritual. And....yippee.....these were my cards today!

    Jlina - Yikes! So sorry about your hand 😞 I guess I'm just a really hard case - my therapist uses mostly her elbow and forearm on me. However, she also does chakra balancing so she is not doing it all day long. Thank you for the prayers and light - I am sending the same to you. Best of luck to both of us in our search...


  • "I think I just finally was able to release my resentment with Spirit and reconnected "

    "focusing on the little moments in each day and finding joy"

    Strange how Universe gives us what our Spirits need and not what we want ... 😉

  • bah couldn't care less for lessons...i still want that lottery bahaha....

  • Hey Seehorse - how are ya? I am working on a job opportunity - lots to get together this week to prepare, but the meeting will not occur until after the 21st. Maybe this will be my "lottery" (lol). Send me good vibes!

  • Good vibes coming your way WG ! Good luck with the meeting and all, but don't worry too much over it, Universe knows what's good for you ! I remember losing an interview once and being sad, only to find a much better job some time later. If they hired me in the first job i'd lose the other/better one ! I'm quite busy with business plans this period of my life quite anxious but it's good to have plans and dreams, stagnation is the worst thing, no evolution there ! I wish you every luck and success with your ventures, how about that site of yours, dropped the idea or you keep it in the drawer just in case ? (i know, too nosy but you know me lol 🙂

  • Hey Seehorse - thanks! The website....decided I really needed to secure the paying job first as I have been living off my savings for a year and the cost to do the site the "right" way (yes, I have perfectionist tendencies!) could not be justified in my mind at the moment. Anything related to readings, life coaching, counseling others, etc. is really going to be my hobby or what I do on the side. Two reasons...(1) I just couldn't do it all day long - too draining at times, and (2) I would not be able to earn a real living off it it anyway. I started out my career in the hospitality industry then left after having gotten involved with someone at work. Came back to it after three years and then when I thought I was making a move upward, things went awry. I decided that I was supposed to close that chapter of my life and left again. But throughout this year of not working, whenever I would think about what I would like to do or what I enjoy, I kept coming back to things I really liked about the hospitality industry. So it's been a struggle, because I thought I was supposed to leave the past in the past. But apparently, I have some unfinished karma there! I have a really good feeling about this job and one of the main positive points is the person who is in the #2 position there - I know her from the past and really liked her. We have the same sense of humor, down to earth-ness, etc. She is doing the initial interviewing and then the #1 person will make the final decision. After my last experience, it would be such a HUGE blessing to go into work each day knowing that there is someone there with whom I connect and enjoy working with. Although the financial aspect is important to me, I have been known in the past to make decisions with money as the #2 and the environment/people I would be working with as the #1 factor. So I have a lot of work to do this week - preparing. I am getting reference letters from my previous bosses in the industry as well as from a few co-workers/friends (I have been out of the industry for 7 years!). I also am getting a letter from the person I reported to at my last job - she was the VP and General Manager. I quit and the owner of the company is quite vindictive so I know he has been giving me an unfavorable reference when potential employers call. After I left, she was laid off as well (actually, everyone was laid off) so I am having her write a letter singing my praises and explaining the conditions that led to my leaving. Hopefully that will work. Aside from that I desperately need a haircut and a new interview suit! Nothing has seemed to "gel" for me on the job front all year, so I am choosing to believe that this is why -- waiting for this opportunity to manifest.

    Good luck to you and your business plans as well 🙂 Good to hear from you.

  • ...and these are my cards after sitting with the words I just typed to you...

  • Hmm...this IS i was reading your post thoughts were forming in my mind and i was about to post my comments on what you wrote, until i scrolled down and saw the cards you posted, saying the same things ! For example i wanted to say i really believe you're on the right track, pursuing what you really like to do and keep spirituality as a refreshing/rewarding hobby as making a living out of it could derive it of it's true purpose of serving fellow human beings and advance your Spirit on it's path.

    Then i see the first card. On the tree's roots there are two hearts, your love of hospitality industry and Spirituality. The Hidden Path is the marriage of spirit and matter, exactly what you decided to do. So Spirit protected you from walking the wrong path and not only that but gained much wisdom the past year. You wouldn't have this if you weren't unemployed.

    On the right i see the Eye of Horus, a powerful symbol of protection and clear vision. On the left is the Sun, symbol of Life and Vitality. The two trees converge to form the 3rd eye like in the Vesica Piscis, the common ground between 2 different circles, Buddha's Middle Road. And in there the Ankh, the "breath of Life" for Ancient Egyptians as their Gods used it to channel life into newborn Pharaohs.

    I also spot some Ankhs in the blue of the second card which i think speaks by itself.

    I see some letters on the bottom of the last card, H, S, K, I and on the right an hourglass half-empty that signifies the time has come or could it be the symbol of infinity...interesting deck, can i ask it's name ? Thank you 🙂

  • You had me until the H, S, K and the hourglass on the last card - I can't see that at all 🙂 This is the Gaia Oracle card set by Toni Carmine Salerno. They are beautiful and I like how it encourages you to "read" through imagery instead of book definitions (there is a book that comes with them, but I think it's best not to refer to it).

  • Hehe maybe i need glasses lol... the S and K are directly below the Heart, the hourglass at 4 o' i can't tell you what i see above the heart because i don't want to get banned yet...

  • Did i mention the lil' seahorse in the tree's leaves ?

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