To My Friends and Mentors

  • If anyone is willing and/or thinks they can help with this I would really appreciate it! I am going to separate this into several different posts since I have to attach photos....

    First of all, I keep getting this Angel of Vision card. I mean EVERY STINKING DAY. I'm not upset about it, I just don't understand it. Everytime I think I have discovered the reason, the next morning....BAM! The same card again...

  • So I put the Angel cards away and started pulling from my Univeral Wisdom deck. And guess what? More repeating cards that seem to have the same theme. I get the Autumn Leaves card every day and am frequently getting Lotus Rose and Aradia when I pull another to clarify. Obviously there is something hidden here that needs to come to light....

  • So then I pulled out the Tarot cards to try to shed some light and I keep getting the High Priestess and the Moon. I have been confused on whether this is all about me being deceived or just not having all the information about something yet - like a warning that I am about to make a mistake - or if this is about psychic gifts, clairvoyance, etc. So I pulled a clarifier and got the Page of Cups. Once again, a message about being naive or a message about psychic sensitivities? I am confused because I am both working on a new job right now AND working with a friend on my website (for life coaching, etc.) I'm stumped. I actually am hoping to get this job because it will be enough to basically pay the essentials right now as well as give me the time/freedom to work on my website and do the coaching on the side.


  • LOL. I don't own this deck - just did an online reading off the and got these two cards....

  • Dear Watergirl18

    Birds being on the top card have a lot of meanings it could be good

    or bad. You are in transition now (the new

    job) so your subconscious is working out something that is on your mind. Meaning you

    have to focus, broaden your horizon & being well aware of the thing you are doing.

    Birds open your eyes. Their warnings that will prepare you to accept the good & bad.

    Since you are a psychic or can do this card reading, you have a protection and guidance to guide you & prepare you.


  • Thanks Magickal. Today all my cards were about intuition - everything purple. I thought it was interesting because I arrived a little last minute to my knitting class last night and had to pick out a yarn in a hurry.....a yard literally fell off the shelf onto my head....shades of purple, plum and navy blue. LOL.

  • Wow this is uncanny all these hidden cards coming out , especially with rth moon in the tarot that confirms it ,

    I just pulled some cards for you and i got

    Page of Swords

    3 of wands reversed

    Page of pentacles

    7 of swords

    Knight of pentacles

    2 of cups

    With the 2 pages i feel that you are going to find out something that will be very upsetting soon , and with the page of coins i feel it could be work related .3 of wands rev i have to say can you trust this person you are working with? as i dont feel all will go to plan and i can tell that you are putting in a lot of hard work and effort to try and get this off the ground ,i feel that its not high on the priorities list of the other person involved .7 of swords i feel that there is dishonest behaviour goung on be very careful, im sorry i feel it is someone who is very close to you ,and its going to be a very upsetting situation that is going to cause a major conflict and upheaval in your life especially . with the knight of swords making an appreance in this spread . Now the 2of cups represents that even though this was a very upsetting situaton all will work out for the best in the end .

    I hope this helps sorry its so full of doom and gloom but i went with what i felt you should know and be wary of .

    ❤ Loap

  • Hey WG if you'd like a Nordic Rune reading about this feel free to ask but be warned , newbie here 🙂

  • Hey LoaP,

    I think maybe the job opportunity I was working on is not going to come to fruition, but I am still keeping my eyes open because I am definitely getting a warning about something. Also, the friend working on the website for me - I wasn't really that serious about it all this time and she was using it as a class project as she is in school for web design. She had to take a different direction with it because of her class, so it is really just a shell for me to start with at this point and I need to find someone to finish it for me now that I am "serious" about it. However, I am getting lots of vibes that this is not the way for me to go. It's so funny, whenever I am on the fence, I get pushed to move forward, but then when I start to move forward with the website I get cautioned that this is not the way to go. I just don't know any other way to move forward and I'm not really getting any "guidance" on it so I am stumped! And you are right....I also keep getting that something upsetting is around the corner, but that it is happening for a reason and is really a good thing. Don't EVER be sorry about giving the messages as they come through to you -- it is not doom and gloom it is honesty. Just trust that what you receive is what the person needs to know or hear and that you are only the messenger.

    Hey Seehorse - Sure, go for it!


    I have pulled the repeated fairy cards for weeks---HOPING THE FINANCIAL FLOW WILL COME UP!---but no the same two cards---but I find comfort n that just because of how magical that is! BUT I hear your frustration perfectly as a psychic myself it gets frustrating reading our own cards in times of "need". Mostly we get it but yes it is disapointing when the cards do not strike a chord. Your first card--I myself tend to say OH NO--as if it must mean I'm missing something--it can be a scary card but really---you know that is not true. AND you know that Angel cards are not like other cards--they require more psychic connection and although the card has a general meaning--Angel cards are read each on their own in the moment impression--in fact often one is meant not to read the words---Angel cards can be interpeted visually without the message. That's why they challenge some people who just want it spelled out for them but these cards require self sufficiancy and a deeper connection to the Angels. Often, when I have gotten that first card I get nervouse as if it is a warning but 99 percent of the time it is a validation card that is saying you actually are using your gift and keep it up. It also means that do not get too caught up in current worry or descion making as the rest of the plan is yet to unfold and it can mean that you can't see over the ridge yet and so don't bother getting too attached to any direction at the moment as things will change and so use your energy on other things and be patient. In your case this juncture is about the phase you left---you are inbetween two energies---I hear the word cynicle. Your cards make perfect sense to me and echo the last readings I had for you--even though you weren't too keen on the message. On issue of baggage and hidden anger. The trio of cards go well together (I pulled Aradia myself this morning! I had to really let that one set in--didn't get it at first) here's what I see for you in the tthree cards

    the center card speaks first--it is the truth card that lies hidden beneath the pressure or energy of the other two flanking it---Lotus Rose is you--your potential--it is a beautiful powerful card--it is your gift in the center that survives all outside influence--see the cycles on either side? Meaning you are at your best when you balance that--the changes of earth with the constant truth that does not change----IT does not change BUT YOU DO! Meaning, at times it is all in your head when you do not feel the lotus.Autumn Leaves flanks to your left--the past. It is a letting go of the past that has most held you back from your lotus rose center of full confidence. It is a positice card that says this has already manifested and is in motion---the big rose like flower is in front of her and autumn is dying out. The last card flanks to the right or the future. This card had me stumped for myself but I see her clearly---daughter of the moon--she says to you and to the first card that this is your choice---are you bad or are you good? No more on the fence--or up and down---full faith part time then CYNICAL another time. EMOTIONS rule the moon or the moon rules emotions--either way the lotus rose must rule and you are entering a phase of choice---committment. Are you bad or are you good? Aradia, knows that confusion as throughout time she has carried that burdon---bearing what people think. Here she says believe it---you are good. Your gift is real and bigger than most. See the largest part of the card is INDIGO--see the butterfly's? See her third eye? All the energy about her. She says oh how you have been dragged into your power inches at a time---your vocation---you have resisted as more hobbie--you dive in --pull babk---dive in---pull back. But you are about to move fast soon. This echos that beginning post with the repeated card--the more to come card that says your gift is building---will get stronger---don't get nervouse it is safe. As you know as a life coach that as strange as it sounds most people fear being powerful than not. That's the secret behind most roadblocks---and you have felt blocked for many months. Aradia says despite yourself you will be doing psychic work with more committment and confidence ---my psychic gift says you wil be fortified by a just anger---that someone who presents themself as helper or a psychic will anger you as you will see through that and it will urge you to stand up and know your worth. Your tarot cards just echo the three previouse card---you intuitively got the moon influence as it echoes Aradia and the changing theme for you---cycles that need a strong center that doesn't waiver and the cycles of you going back and forth about your committment to being of psychic service. This is in your hidden path card---this card as well echoes that challange to bring together your spiritual life AND your earth life. That urges you again to know what is hidden in your own self--the indesicion to make more of your gift than you feel safe with. The hidden Gift card----this again echoes the same message----notice how it's hard to tell what he is thinking? What is he sad about?--as there is a new beginning! What is the fear? He looks hurt. He says, I'm not always ready to let go. There is a promise I keep hidden because the past serves me somehow. This I believe is in your past and is what you are overcoming as the next card validates the future of the other set of cards----it is a very good card that represents balance and purpose realized when we can marry Heaven with Earth in a way that is equal and it also says you will move in a direction where spiritual bravery and responsability is going to bring prosperity to your earth life. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    Thank you! It is funny because a lot of what you say validates a session I had yesterday while having some energy work/chakra balancing done. Yes - that first card was absolutely a message validating my gift and not to doubt it as well as to step into my power and not back down as I was being challenged in a way. I am strong enough to not need validation from the people I do readings for, but I do vascillate between yes, I have a gift and no, I don't and am a complete fraud. But then I felt challenged because I felt like I was grounded and centered and giving good readings, but another reader was negating them....someone who is not grounded and is injecting their own issues into the readings. So the people I was trying to help were entrenched in denial and then a reader in denial was encouraging them to remain that way. Of course, they want to believe the person who is telling them what they want to hear. So I did a "what's the point" about all my wasted effort. So that was the anger...being challenged by this other person and then getting frustrated and going back to my cynical what's the point attitude. The good news is that in the past I would have reacted in anger and lashed out at the other reader and I did not. I recognized that the intentions were pure, but the issues were running the show. And, of course, I kept getting messages about leadership and leading people to higher ground despite apparent odds or opposition - I am being tested on my inner strength and resolve. But I couldn't help wondering if the message was that I was in denial about something, so I started to vascillate on my "gift" again. So the cynicism is about my gift and all the emergence out of the background stuff is about owning my gift and stepping into my power. When you first posted to me about having to resolve issues from my childhood it did not resonate with me, but I trust you so I went to my healer lady to go pretty deeply into that chakra to make sure. She said that although it will always be a part of who I am that there wasn't any type of lingering trauma or wound that needed to be healed. That's how I was feeling about it as well. Actually, the part of your post that gave me the anxiety attack was the image I got of losing my house -- my home is important to me and is my safe haven so the thought of losing it upset me. However, since I was worried about the denial stuff going on I asked her about it again yesterday. I think I was being such a whiny baby on my posts to you that it came across as more severe or urgent than it was (sorry!). My experience was much less traumatic than others. In looking back, I think it actually was an experience to teach me about my intuition. When the man approached us I was with two friends. When he wanted us to go off with him I immediately said "NO" but my friends started off with him and I felt like I shouldn't let them go off without me - was actually perturbed with them for not listening to me! He then separated us. Although I was unclothed and touched - that's all that happened. A very strong voice in my head told me what to do, what to say, even where to look and what facial expression to have. It stopped him in his tracks. My other friend was not so lucky. She had the brutal experience. I did, of course, have some emotional trauma from it all and it all came out in my late teens and early 20's. Most of my trauma was about feeling stupid - because that was a cardinal sin in my household - and I finally realized that I had not been stupid -- I had not wanted to go and then I listened to my inner voice and saved myself from further harm. The rest of the trauma was my parents' reaction to it - not really showing the concern for me that they should have. The final parts that came out in my 30's were the trust issues that resulted from it. However, I have come to realize that being guarded with people at first is not necessarily a bad thing 🙂 It's just when you allow it to hinder your ability to get close to someone it becomes a problem. And you are right - I have completely resisted both owning my gift and allowing it to develop. I finally surrendered which is why I am open to a job that may not seem like all I have ever wanted provided it will be enough to pay the substantial bills so I can start the life coaching thing on the side. It's just that I keep getting weird messages about it and that is what is confusing me now. Something definitely is on the horizon and I don't know what it is - I guess maybe I'm not supposed to know right now. I guess I'll just relax and focus on my knitting for now (hahaha).

    Thank you again, Blmoon. You are always such a huge help.

  • Sounds like you are right on! And I see the confusion about the past baggage---I did not mean that it was undealt with yet or that it was still shadow what I meant was how permanent that wound is and your healer friend said it perfect---you are who you are and it is a part of you that does effect you no matter how many healings you have as it is managed by your awareness and not something some one can cut out of you or send it away. Your inability to believe in yourself and feel SAFE that you always have a loving energy that backs you up. It was the symptom. But you get that. BLESSINGS! And I just responded in another post about October--on the Horizon--I look forward to every October--the month of clarity and divine dreams. The viel is thinest in October.

  • Hey here's your reading WG 🙂

    Past : Ehwaz. Horse. Energy and Motion (Reversed)

    Recklessness, haste, disharmony, mistrust, betrayal, lies and deceit, feeling confined in a situation.There was a need to initiate some movement and action into many areas of your life. There was the feeling of becoming stagnant and stale, not fulfilling your goals and aspirations. You needed to take action promptly. You felt that changes could bring about wonderful, positive changes and effects. Reversed, Ehwaz suggests a craving for a change of some sort. A restlessness or being confined in a situation not of your own making may be implied with Ehwaz reversed. It can also presage reckless hast, disharmony, mistrust and betrayal.

    Present : Hail, The Great Awakener.(Reversed)

    Hagalaz is a ‘wake up call’. Hagalaz is the rune that tells you to pay attention. Things are not what they seem to be and people around you are not revealing their true intentions.

    Hagalaz drawn reversed indicates a time of trial and tribulations and a test of your true inner strengths and weaknesses.

    On a personal level, it indicates loss of power and a period of stagnation, hardship and loss, brought about perhaps by illness.

    When the Hagalaz rune is drawn be aware that there are external forces around you which will make situations and issues come to a head. You may experience a physical, emotional or spiritual upheaval of sorts, which ultimately, will clear out the old to allow in the new.

    Change is definitely necessary. An adjustment on world-views and personal outlook may be indicated. Initially, all may seem catastrophic, but its aftermath will prove fruitful. Your power lies within your inner strength, and it is this that will provide you with support and guidance at a time when everything you’ve taken for granted is being challenged.

    Hagalaz indicates uncontrolled forces wreaking havoc and disruptive plans and ushering a time of trials and tests. But all is not lost, as Hagalaz also suggests that the crisis will lead to completion or closure of some sort that heralds an inner harmony.

    Future : Kenaz. Torch.

    Drawing the Kenaz rune in a reading indicates that you are coming into a new understanding of life and it’s meaning. New insights await you, but it is not a time for complacency. This new understanding must be used constructively; otherwise it will be worthless to you. The Kenaz rune when drawn in a reading, can also indicate the coming together of the strands of the Web of Wyrd, showing new beginnings via the letting go of the old. Kenaz tells you to always look for ways in which you can use you insights for the good of others.

    Kenaz is the flame of transformation and regeneration. It is the flame of the forge, the volcano and deep earth energies. It is the controlled flame of the artist and craftsman. The act of bringing ‘light’ into ‘darkness’ is a creative one. It indicates knowledge passed on and can also ‘light the way’ for others or for personal, inner explorations.

    Kenaz promises that light will be cast into the dark places, bringing regeneration in its glow. It promises the ability to create new realities that bring with them hope and invigorating strength.

    Question : Dagaz. Day/Daylight.

    When drawn in a reading Dagaz is informing you that the light shines on the path before you, guiding you. As long as you remain true to yourself, only good fortune can come your way. You are well protected by the power of the light, and are able to draw upon its strength, as well as your own. Dagaz will also give you clear vision. You will be able to see pitfalls and hurdles before they enter your life. This will bring you an added insight as to your true destiny.

    Dagaz suggests the dawning of a breakthrough, awareness and awakening. It promised that clarity will light up life, and says that now is the time to embark on a new enterprise. Using one’s will can bring about desired change, and talks of security and certainty, growth and release. Dagaz also symbolises the contrasts between darkness and light and is a rune of paradox as well as one of awakening, and metaphorically, of rebirth.

    Challenges : Ansuz. Message/Claivoyance-Wisdom.

    Ansuz represents conscious work and the bringing in of wisdom gained to the levels of awareness where one can recognise things for what they truly are. There is a certain lack of ‘compassion’ and ‘perspective’ in this rune, as situations and issues are often viewed from a distant standpoint, when this rune is prevalent. Your challenge is to remove emotion from the equation and assess the situation with pure logic so as to avoid manipulation by others. Drawn in a reading, the Ansuz rune may be telling you a message of something new unfolding. New beginnings start with new connections and linkages that direct us onto new pathways and new directions. Be aware during meetings, chance encounters, visits and contact with others, particularly those of which you feel are wise or knowledgable. They may hold the key to a query you have and may inspire and propel you forward. The answers to your questions are already here and you already know them; you just haven’t heard them clearly yet. Look for signals and confirmations which are all around you, all the time. Everything has a special significance. If you learn this truth, you will understand and take heed of the messages around you. You may feel trapped or tied down to a situation and feel you are unable to escape and see no resolution. When you put your effort into resolution, the effect of the energy released through the Ansuz rune is freedom; physically, mentally and spiritually. Freedom is only achieved with strong will, determination and the true desire to release the burden. Anus shows you the effect of your positive (or negative) action.

    Outcome : Jera. Harvest. A Season, Life Cycle.

    The Jera rune often indicates a major turning point in your life. It is a time for transformations; of letting go of the old and making way for the new. Jera brings to our attention that there are greater achievements to be made in the future; but concepts, ideas and plans must first be drawn, in order to be followed to fruition. Keep in mind though, that it is also a time for hard work, with no time for complacency. This time will not last forever, and you are advised to make the most of it. Remember, being patient is essential for the recognition of your own inner process, which in its own time and season, leads to growth and harvest within the self. Jera says that a breakthrough of some sort will bring a period when things have become stagnant. Drawing the Jera Rune in a reading can also indicate to the seeker that there may be a return of unfinished business, which needs to be completed and laid to rest, once and for all.

  • Hi WG, Wow, what a week. Can't access internet because garbage truck keeps pulling telephone cable down. In process of changing services. First impression is very good, some other meanings in there but can't work on it at present. This past week has been very intense for me. Need to consult w/you on that. When something re-occurs w/me usually means it's my spot in life, make the best of it. Somewhere you know the meaning and is being revealed to you. Don't like to interject my situation. My time is limited until my line is fixed. Had blowout w/BF and believe it's over. It would take apology on his part and don't see that. He has alcohol issues and provoked me (verbally) one too many times. Seems his friend is the same. Thought he was different than friend but see they have quite a bit in common. When computer is up and running I'll get back w/you. I really would appreciate insight on what it is w/him, not so much for my sake but where he's headed. Would appreciate insight. . .

  • Seehorse - beginnner? No! That was a great reading and spot on. I believe the "hidden gift" part of my message and a lot of what you picked up on is that the frustrations I have had of late regarding the readings on this forum - aside from getting me to realize a few things with regard to personal power, inner wisdom and BALANCE of the spiritual and physical aspects of life - are really just to push me out to get out on my own. As my energy healer said on Friday...."hmmmm, maybe you're supposed to give readings somewhere where there won't be the opportunity for someone else to pop in and undo your hard work???" I have been resisting this all year - hence, the stagnation! However after the past few days I am indeed ready to move forward and branch out on my own. I will still pop in here, though. Not gone for good 🙂 Thank you and keep up with the runes as I think you have a talent there.

    Daliolite - Hey have actually crossed my thoughts several times over the past week. Hope you are holding up ok. Let me know when you are back and we will take a look-see at the BF situation. Until then, be the strong woman warrior I know you are!

  • New moon around the corner--highlight on relationships---Daliolite. I can valodate your gut feeling--despite the storm--the tug of war--it is all good. This is the tail end of the pluto shake up that sped issues up as the finish line aproaches---the big CHANGE on the horizon IF that is the seed you planted within the past two years---specially in January. This was a fast moving push and many have felt the rush---anywhere we have dragged our feet spirit has pushed situations that move us along faster---issues have come out of the closet--in our faces. Anyone on this fast moving train has felt it on all levels----many have dealt with irritating physical ailmants---family drama that won't go away and rollercoaster highs and lows with finance. But--it serves us--and is all good if we have earlier committed to change--for good. This is the time of bravery as all this year courage has been tested. Hang on a bit longer. Absorb the messege of cycles---wethering the ups and downs by knowing when to be still ---the "retreat" that keeps us going the long haul. Spirit says stand firm---do not settle---keep your desires in check and do not let any kind of exhaustion from outside forces weaken your goals. It's all good! BLESSINGS!

  • This is what i sensed in you WG. Use your gifts wisely, use them for the common good, trust that as a child of the Universe everything you need to know is encoded inside you 🙂

  • WATERGIRL! Make the new moon your wishing well. You have earned it. All Trojan horses--beware! This one has eyes--the size of Heaven!

  • Daliolite - I am playing around with a new deck of oracle cards and pulled a few for you (I will do something more in depth for you later)...

    Your Current Situation:

    Lady with a Bosch Egg - Ancient Wisdom

    The Sea Beacon Fairy - Guidance, but where will it lead you?

    I wish I could attach the images! Both of these cards show a woman standing in the foreground and in the background of one card is a city on fire and desolate ruins. The background of the other card is a stormy sea with a ship sailing off into it. She is holding the bosch egg in the first - it is cracked and damaged but still in tact. This is the wisdom she has gained from the destruction in the background. She looks weary, but strong. There is also a sense of, ok, what now? Not knowing where to go next and maybe feeling a bit lost. The message is to be ok with the place you are in at the moment and absorb the lesson(s) learned. In the 2nd card she is literally growing up out of the stormy sea - her dress is made of the choppy waves and she is holding a blue beacon light. She also looks sad and weary, but very strong. She is holding the light, but cannot see what is ahead of her yet. Once again, be still and be ok with where you are at the moment - resist the temptation to retreat or cave in and absorb what you have learned.

    These cards are obviously showing your recent past and arguments - shake-ups in the background. These happened for a reason!!! There is a grand order and design going on so just surrender to the "death" that the Universe is forcing upon you as it is only to bring the rebirth that is to follow. Surrender to it and resist the temptation to bo back to your "saving others" ways. This period you are giong through right now is necessary for everyone concerned, not just you.

    Advice for your Future - What is Coming Next:

    Candy Cane Angel - It's Time for a Treat!

    Grumpy Red Fairy - Be True to Yourself!

    Very clear message here that it is time for you to take a break from being the saviour to others and to start giving to yourself. The Candy Cane Angel has a candy cane in her hand, but she looks a little sad and very guilty. Why? We all deserve to treat ourselves now and then and you have been giving and giving and giving to others - so earnest about helping others to fix their lives - and yet you feel guilty about doing the same for yourself and have developed a pattern of habitually denying yourself. Forget about everyone else's problems for the time being. It is time for YOU.

    The Grumpy Red Fairy is too cute - she is indeed very very grumpy - looks defiant, rebellious and ticked off but it is a good thing. She is tired of everyone else's demands and is ready to break free of all restrictions and express herself freely. She knows it is time to stop being so nice and sugary-sweet - she's not disruptive or unkind - she just knows it's time to get real and stop playing other people's games or by other people's rules. No more stifling this grumpy little fairy...she is ready to be herself, be true to herself!

    Hang in there, my friend. I remember in my last reading for you your near future showed a sadness - an aftermath of a relationship not living up to expectations. AND that it was time to stop being the enabler of others - more specifically their addictions - as they would not have the incentive to overcome them if they knew you would always be their to save them. That reading also told you that this exhaustion you were feeling - that emotional cut-off was aiding you in cutting these chords. Be strong - you are so much tougher than you realize. Be good to yourself...


  • Hey WG thank you so much for your kind words, there seems to be something special about my runes it was like i was guided to make them, even had an image in my mind of what stones to use for them !

    I wish every luck and success to your new venture, be sure to let us know about your site (would be nice to have a foum there too, difficult to find a decent place nowadays 😉

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