Confusing Career Celtic Cross

  • I usually do a regular celtic cross and am able to understand the message I get from it but today I tried the career celtic cross and I really don't know what to think. I'm basically trying to decide whether I should stay in the healthcare field in kind of a boring position right now or if I should pursue a career in the cosmetics industry (something I've always had a fondness for). Can someone help me decipher the message I got from my reading?

    Self: prince of pentacles

    Foundation: princess of pentacles

    Ethics: ten of staves

    Challenges/opportunities: two of swords

    Developments: three of pentacles

    Situation: eight of pentacles

    Lesson: seven of cups

    Issues: four of swords

    Allies: six of pentacles

    Advice: temperance

    Long-term: princess of staves

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