• Good morning Shuabby,

    I was just wondering if you would do a reading for me ? I have a lot of things going on right now, im in family court for child support and wanted to know if i will receive the (maximum) child support for the next 2yrs when he turns (18) or (21) yrs because of his disability ? And how will things work out for me in Divorce court ,also would I receive Pension benefits , Social Security when that time comes around ?will he contess any of these thing that I may receive or will he just give in and go with what the judge decides to do?Also Im in the process of trying to become a foster mother will that work out for me and my son, and will there be a move (apt) in this process, will it be (1child ) or siblings and will it be soon,or after the holidays?

  • Shuabby I have something else I would like to ask you, will he be removing all of his belongings soon like next week from my home(week of Sept 26,2011) please tell me.

  • Hello Cris1962,

    Can you please do a reading for me? I would like to know how things wil go in family court (Oct 12,2011) and will I receive the maxium due for my son in court? Also and with my order of protection( will it be extended) for a long period of time? and also divorce court when I apply how will things turn out, will I receive spousal support or any benefits from it ?

  • Hello everyone, can someone please give me a reading ?

    DOB 5/5/62

    Time 2:27am

    Birthplace Los Angeles,CA.

    I also would like to know if things will work out for me in court on Oct 12,2011. and on Nov.3,2011 another court date?

    An how is my son really handling all of this with his dad and me and all that is going on between us?

    My son's DOB 9/3/95 Time 7:50am Birthplace NYC

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