Break a spell that has been placed...

  • I have been told by two different sources that a spell was placed on my marriage to break it up and that a spell was placed on my husband to make him obsess over her. My marriage is all but distroyed because I didn't realize what was going on till just now.

    Does anyone believe this is possible? Is it possible to stop it with a reversal or something?

    The latest information provided to me last night was she does this to many men. The more she ignores them the more they obsess over her. She wants the attention. My husband is a fool for it because he is very low self-esteem and in a very negative part of the world right now. He is weak.

    I can supply more information if needed to gain insite. I have birthdates of all involved etc.

    Thank you!


  • if he is of weak mind any thing could be possible. Do you really believe that a "spell" has been cast? usually when one cheats is because they are not communicating with their partner. have you sat down and talked to him? good luck to you in getting to the bottom of this situation.

  • I'm sorry but that sounds insane, spells do not exist. I think that people in general obsess over what they cannot have.

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