Little Help, Thanks!

  • So, I asked how someone feels about me, and I pulled these cards:

    10 Swords, Kight of Cups, 9 of Wands, The Star

    I think the confusing part was the 10 of swords. Its so scary and negative compared to everything else. It makes me feel like he feels defeated. I couldnt help but be drawn to all the knives sticking out of the persons back. I felt so much weight coming from the actual body laying on the floor, so I got the feeling the cards were telling me to focus only on the image and not the actual written meaning of the card.

    Any help? Thanks!

  • Ten of swords is pretty scary... but I think it means he feels defeated and hopeless. He wants to be the knight of cups and ask you out but he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He thinks you will say no and then he will be defeated again. In the end the relationship will be wonderful as long as hope prevails.

  • I definitely felt the defeated part of this reading....the funny thing is I have told him I liked him several times, and he keeps resisting. So I dont know what HE is feeling defeated about!

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