A reading to help save a marriage? please help!

  • my husband is a gemini (6.7.86) and im a scorpio (10.30.86) and we have recently split. this is the second time in a year and i need to know if this is it and if i should let it go. i know hes a gemini and very indecisive but will he realize that we are what he wants or am i holding on to false hope. ? please help. serious responses only please this is a very sensitive matter to me

  • Hello GMT

    I'm clairvoyant and do readings on this site when time allows.

    The first impression I got here for your relationship is: He is not for her. When you split two times in a year than some serious issues need to be looked at and from what Iam feeling some abuse has entered into this picture. There is no false hope for you as hope is never a thing that should be held on to when the house is burnth down.

    What you now need to do is start a new and look at yourself to find out why the marriage did not work? He will do the same down the road a bit. We all play a part in the reasons WHY? a relationship did not become a lifetime one.

    This is not a failure , it is a stepping stone to help you to understanding and than to peace and true love. Yes, dear there is such a thing as true love, but we all earn it.

    Look for many new people to enter into your life before and shortly after 2012. You feel like you are social and like to dance and have fun. You will give yourself some time to heal and make a new plan for your life as to what you want and expect from a man. GOOD!

    I hear the name of Alex around you and Kathie, and a first name with C in it that is unusual.

    You will move house in 2012 also which entails a new beginning.


  • thanku so much! he's just not the married type is what it boils down to I thought we would be able to work through it but apparently not. he has a lot of highs and lows and I don't know what to do with him

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