Serious Situation

  • I am hoping that a psychic may be able to give me insight and answer my question for me. It would be very much appreciated.

    I have been involved with a man that I love very much for over a year now. There were a couple of astrologers that said if I don't break ties with this man, he will end up killing me or otherwise physically harming me so badly that I will end up in the intensive care unit. I've never had any reason before to believe that he would all of a sudden turn violent towards me, our relationship has always been very loving and he treats me with respect. Then someone else came along, and told me that it was almost certain that this man would get me pregnant within the year, and that I would most almost definitely marry him at some point in the future.

    So as you can see, I am a bit confused by what some have said being that they are contradicting each other. Now I don't know if these astrologers were just against my chosen lifestyle, so they've projected their own issues onto my relationship or if there are actual indicators here that he could possibly violently harm me, or even murder me. One had told me that the reason that this is so, is because apparently in a past life, I killed him, and that I will keep pushing him further and further until he either injures me or kills me so that I can get some sort of karmic debt settled for what I did to him in the past because I carry with me so much guilt over what had happened then.

    I realize that I should go with my own intuition and gut instinct here, but it's a bit confusing when I am hearing two completely opposite things.

  • Is it just me, or do only certain people get answered in this forum, and the others get ignored?

  • Well what is your gut instinct telling you?

  • My gut instinct tells me that we have a good relationship with each other that is very much capable of being long lasting and that I am worrying too much for nothing.

  • Well if I were you I would go with that instead of getting more opinions to confuse you more. Alternatively you could repost this under Love and Relationships and address it to TheCaptain, she is usually spot-on.


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