• Hi Watergirl18

    Could I have a response please.

    Just worried about this marriage cause of the children involved.

    My niece Elinor(aries) & husband Mark(leo)both had an affair. She is unhappy with her husband but she says she is staying for the 4 children sakes. He has stopped his affair but we think she is

    still having an affair. Husband donot want a divorce I guess because he has 5 people to support.

    She has been given advice of what to do but she seems not to listen.

    Do you think this marriage is going to last? If so how long more or less

    I do appreciate your response and thank you so much


  • BUMP

  • Magickal,

    I do not feel comfortable doing a reading on this situation - my gut reaction is that this is not our place. I know you love your sister and niece and are concerned for the children, but it is important to respect the relationship boundaries here. It feels like you just want "back-up" on your opinion as you and your sister are disagreeing in this situation. Even if I was able to do this for you, do you really think if you went to your sister and said that a psychic told you that you are right and she is wrong that she would immediately cave in to your opinion of what should be done? The answer is no she would not. Sometimes all we can do when we think we see a train wreck approaching is to sit and wait and be there to pick up the pieces afterwards. That being said, I did do a reading asking for advice for you in this situation and this is what came through....

    Please release any presumptions or judgments you may have in this situation and keep your emotions and need to control in check. Use discernment when evaluating your involvement as we are encouraging you to step away from the drama and just leave it be. Leave it to us. Resist the temptation to insert yourself into the situation and respect the boundaries in place here. Take a big step back and withhold your opinions and just be ready to step in with a loving and generous heart if and when your support is needed by your sister, your niece or the children.



  • Dear Watergirl18

    Thank you so much in your response.I can honestly say to you that if

    you answered my question I dont intend to tell her that I got an answer from a psychic. I have already stepped back because my sisters advice to her daughter is somewhat vindictive.

    I really didnot like it but its her daughter there is nothing I can do. They are both stubborn so I have already stepped back. Plus I caught my sister lying to me so I didnot want to be involved with

    the problem. I guess time will tell. If the marriage remains intact good for them.

    THank you so much and Great blessings to you. You are such a great person to be helping people in this website.Hope your hopes & dreams are fulfilled.

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