Watergirl18 - I need your insight please

  • Hi,

    I am hoping you could do a reading for me when you are free?

    Would like to know what is going on with my oldest son, Sam (16) d.o.b. 20/01/1995 as he is very introverted, spends lots of time on his own. He started college this month (12 hours a week) and I was hoping he would make some new friends but it seems he is just in his own world and sticks with the 1 person on his course that he knows from school and I'm worried that this is affecting him and will affect his engagement in college (he struggled to get on the course - Multi Media). I have tried talking to him but he says there is nothing wrong?

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi scorpiosuz,

    Yes, I can do a reading for you. Possibly tonight, but most likely tomorrow...

  • Scorpiosuz,

    I think your son may have a tendency to be more introverted, but it seems like something occured in the recent past - that may be part of a trend - where he feels betrayed by a friend or friends. He seems hurt and angry. This is a learning process for him about relationships in general. About the balance of give and take and learning to compromise - to accept that others may not always have our same point of view. I think he is feeling like he was cast out or disapproved of or taken advantage of in some way and it has injured his self-esteem a bit. Now he's afraid to open up to new friends. The good news is that he has not become a total loner and does have a friend at school with whom he communicates. He really just needs to heal from whatever happened with his friends and to realize that their approval or disapproval of him is not as important as he may think and it is safe to open himself up to new people and situations. It's like he has made up his mind that all people will be this way and has closed himself off. He just needs to put it behind him and open himself up to new friendships and be less rigid in his thinking. All you can do right now is LOVE him and let him know that he is loved and accepted just as he is. Try to get him to open up to you about what happened if you do not already know and then encourage him to start over instead of choosing to close himself off emotionally. It is important to get him to laugh - break the emotional wall he has put up. Get him to loosen up. Forgiveness is key.



  • Thank you so much for your reply. I do try to talk to him but he's adament that he doesn't want to open up to anyone, so I guess I'll just have to trust that if and when he feels ready to talk he will.

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