Watergirl please help me! i need hope! =(

  • i need your insight !! i"m broken hearted again but this time hurts so much more ! i have hopes that him and I will get back together bc i think he is my soulmate .... am i wrong ?? do i need to move on from this ? and if I have to, I really need something to look forward to ! i'm giving up !!!

    Astraangel help me to read my celtic cross and i think he did amazing !! everything on point but I still have questions an somehow confused at the end ... this was my espread i'm very confused with the cards i got in his reading ! can anyone help me please?

    1 present ...... ten of wands

    2 influence......the devil

    3 past issues ......ace of cups

    4 immediate pass......ace of pentacles

    5 crowning thoughts...... four of cups

    6 immediate future..... the moon

    7 your fears.....three of cups

    8 environmental factor... the fool

    9 your hopes.... seven of swords

    10 outcome.... the hierophant

    at the end he said this

    Outcome - the hierophant - you come through this present experience (a phase of your life is changing) with a new self image and deep confidence in yourself that feels like it simply descended from the heavens while you were sleeping! Your eyes are opened to a new way to see love, and the experiences of your past now make perfect sense. You see the way that some of the past was not able to finish, and now you understand why. Your pieces all fall into place. This energy sees you attaining your own viewpoint related to all of the past, and you seem to be very solid and secure in this place. You may be taking what you have learned and are now sharing that with someone important in your life.

    i'm not sharing this with anybody ! in fact i feel more lonely than ever !!! and i miss him more and more !!

    help me please and thank you for your time !!!

  • anyone?

  • Sandyp....

    Of course there is hope for your future, but I do not believe that you should be placing your hopes in this love returning to you. Your spread shows you struggling very hard to hold onto this man and not wanting to let go - so much so that is has almost become an obsession for you and it is not healthy (10 of Wands and the Devil). I'm sorry, but the Moon is never a good card to receive when you are asking about a relationship that has ended. It signifies very strong emotions as well as delusions and the Fool as the environmental factor underscores this. That 4 of Cups as your crowning is really about you thinking that if you close your eyes to what is in front of you and deny the truth that you can make your wish for his return to come true. Your hopes - 7 of swords - is your hope that he will return. Your fear - 3 of Cups - is that he has moved on and is dating someone else. You know most of the books out there describe The Hierophant as a spiritual teacher as well as conformity to the rules of society. I have often found that this is Spirit's "no" card. This man will not be coming back to you my dear and yes, there is a spiritual lesson in this for you if you are willing to face the truth.

    As I said, of course there is hope for your future, but new things - new life, new relationships, emotional renewal etc. - cannot make their way to you if you are clinging to the past. You must first face this ending and allow yourself to heal and then your future will make its way into your present. Sometimes when we feel like we just "know" that something is not over with someone - that they will be returning to us - this is really just that we don't want things to be over...so much so that we confuse the wants and desires and power of our emotions with a psychic prediction. Be brave, my dear. I know you can do it. If you need help with the healing process, please let me know.



  • thank you soooo much !!!! for your time and for your response !! i went to a couple o psychics and they told me that he was my soulmate that i just need it to clean the energy between us so we can be together again and they took a lot of money from me.. so that's why i was holding on so hard to this believe...... i think i have a lot of qualities to make anybody happy but i guess i'm not lucky at all when it comes to love and this is such a big important deal for me ...... what is there for me ???? help me please! i dont even know how to take the first step......... is this bad luck ever going to change !! i've been alone for a very long time thinking that i was happier single, but i just was lying to myself please help me , help me, help me !!!

  • I'm a bit tired tonight so here is what I have for now....

    Your history with regard to love is one of being a bit naive - which is natural as we all start out that way as young women in our teens and 20's - but because you had a fairy tale vision in your mind as well as a sensitive heart, when things did not work out you fell rather hard and closed yourself off a bit in order to avoid getting hurt. This last relationship served a few purposes for you as far as a "soul mate" connection - that is as a teacher who came into your life for a period of time in order to help you evolve and grow spiritually. First of all, you came out of your shell again, which was good. But you may have gone a little overboard with it. Possibly because all the time you spent denying yourself love resulted in a large backlog of emotions that came swelling out, but also because you reverted back to your tendency of the young fairy tale romance version of love. Your lesson is to learn to keep your heart open, but to remain grounded and practical - more mature - in matters of the heart. Tone down the young girl fantasies and bring out your masculine side a little bit more.....logic, courage, the strength to not only speak up for yourself but to stand up for what you believe instead of giving your power away to someone else. Balance! The last thing I am getting is that you have a tendency to ignore what you see because you do not want to admit the truth. For example, a wife may say that her husband just has a drink or two to unwind after work, but he is really an alcoholic. Or a mother may say that her child - poor lovely dear - is having such a hard time finding a job when really he isn't putting any effort into looking for one and sitting up in his room all day smoking weed. As unpleasant as it may be, sometimes it is best to face the realities we fear rather than trying to blot them out. Truth is knowledge and knowledge is power. Also recognize that although it is absolutely and perfectly ok to remain positive and hopeful, that we must also keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. When we allow ourselves to soar up into the clouds without a tether it makes the fall back down to earth quite harsh. Trust me, it is much more powerful to experience love, happiness, hope and joy while still being grounded - that is why so many spiritual cards show a woman as a tree with her legs and feet becoming the roots of the tree that grow into the ground but with the rest of her body blossoming out and reaching for the sky. There is strength in this. Do you want to be the Willow or Oak tree or the balloon that bursts once it gets too high in the atmosphere? This is part of growing into a mature love. One where you are your own person outside of the relationship - not dependent on that other person for your happiness - and yet able to be open and vulnerable with another and able to experience true intimacy (rather than dependency).

    Take some time to think about your romantic history in addition to this latest relationship. How did they begin? How did they progress? When and how did things start to go downhill? What were your behavior patterns? Answering these questions within the framework of what I was given above will help you begin your journey towards becoming the whole, balanced, powerful and magnetic woman that will attract the kind of man you will want to spend your life with.



  • thank you so much !!!!!! i will consider it ! thank you for your time and your words!!

  • I forgot to give you your "tree" cards 🙂

  • i have to say that i don't feel really identified with the things you told me, i'm sorry i know you kindly try to help me and actually i begged for it ! i really see myself a very independent woman, I open myself to love i get hurt and the i stand up again, when i am in a relationship i give my best but i don't let them take it all from me, i do dream for total love like in the movies and i have had it.... it's just i didn't get my happy ending, i know sometimes you loose and sometimes you win.... this time like i said it felt different i know that there was a real connection but somebody got in the middle....

    once again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to give me an advice and kind words !

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