• Hi Junemoon26 I was wondering if you could do a reading on myself and my ex of 4 months, we have split a couple of times before over silly little arguments.but we still have strong feelings for each other but he seems to be avoiding me at the moment,

    Also a long term female friend of his caused problems in our relationship (though he will not admit it) because she wanted him, she lodged with him for nearly 7 months, I think in an attempt to get really close to him and cause bigger issues in our relationship, which she succeeded in doing - she has now told him in no uncertain terms that she would like them to get together and he seems to be falling for it, even though he's telling me he knows it will not work.

    She's tried similar in the past when we have split but he's always said that he only sees her as a friend and nothing more becuase she's loud, drinks too much, swears all the time and he wouldn't be able to trust her.

    Could you please read for me: my d.o.b. is 03/11/71 and his is 23/02/63

    Many thanks

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