Pisces trouble, need help asap

  • Hey, I would really appreciate some advice...

    I am Gemini and I've been together with my Pisces guy for 3 years. First time he broke up with me after first year of our relationship, saying that he just doesn't love me and it's not really working for us. It was unexpected, and not easy for me. Right after that we spent couple of months seeing each other "as friends", trying to make each other jealous, which caused a lot of problems. We've decided to stop seeing each other for a while.

    We met again on 2 months, even though I was thinking it's over, and we got together again. Since that time it was just great, it was the happiest time of my life. He said his feelings for me are different now, that he loves me a lot and everything. It was perfect for a year. Then I had to go back home for summer, all that time he was telling me how much he loves me, and misses me, and can't wait to see me again. When we finally met it was amazing, I really felt how much we missed each other.

    The problems started one week after my arrival. I was having some problems at work, I was stressed, and I was expecting him to be around most of the time. I was getting mad because of small things, I was provoking fights almost every day. I realized that I was wrong, but I just couldn't keep myself calm. It continued like that for 1,5 week and then, one morning, my boyfriend said that he wants to break up. He said that he's too stressed by these fights, and that he wants to be single now. I was shocked. How is it possible to wait for the whole summer and then give up after a week of stupid fighting? I told him that he may go but I don't know what to do now. I love him, he was saying that he loves me just couple of days ago...

    Should I finally forget about this "relationship" or should I wait for him to come back? It's not easy for me, and maybe it would be better just to start a new life. But I keep thinking how happy we were together, and that the feelings didn't go anywhere. Even the day my boyfriend broke up with me after we talked for 2 hours he said that this problem doesn't seem to bother him that much anymore, but he is still sure he needs to leave for the best.

    Thank you if you read this whole thing, I really need a wise advice now....

  • rosyrosy,

    I am a clairvoyant reader here on this site when time allows.

    I feel that your boyfriend is right and he should leave and you need to let go and move on. He can not full fill your needs on an emotional level as he is a gemini and they like to be intellectially stimulated, and conflict does not do that for them. You are clinging and that again will not keep them with you.

    Work on yourself some before venturing into another relationship. Stand on your own and prove to yourself that you are a strong enough woman that you do not need a man to full fill you. When you have done that than you will meet the man that will stay with you and marry you and you will have children with. I feel that when you marry you will live where there is water and a degree of warm weather. I also feel you will marry well and live a life of not being in need of material things. You are gifted in areas that you have not even knowledge of at this time, but the gifts will surface and you will be happier for them.

    Hang in there sweet pieces as you really have a lovely life ahead of you.


  • Shuabby, thank you very much 🙂 You really made me feel better...it's always hard to "move on", but I believe I can do that.

  • But Rosy aren't YOU the Gemini?

  • yummybrummy I am, I guess Shuabbby just got confused.

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