Will he ever find a new woman?

  • I am wondering if my son will ever find a new woman to share his life? It has been almost 4 years since he and his wife split., I just can't figure out why he has not met anyone yet. He told me he has quit actively looking in hopes someone will come along. He has tried all kinds of dating sites with no success. Any help please. His name is Jeremy dob 2/16/1977.


  • cathylee,

    Your son is smart to just stop for awhile and heal , time is needed for him to do so. Four years is a long time and he has come to terms with the split, because he is a pieces he will require more time than most would. He will meet a woman, blonde and she has children , a boy and a girl 7-8 yrs old. He will connect to the children well and impress the woman enough to form a relationship with her that will move slow and than if wanted, can be taken to a higher long lasting level. I hear the name of Georgia around him . He will be happy again Mama so don't worry to much about him.


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