Colour Exercise

  • Hi everybody, hope you are all well!

    I came across an exercise the other day, which I found interesting, so I thought I would share it with you all.

    Basically pick a colour you are drawn to right now from the picture below and think of three feelings/thoughts that come to mind, when focusing on this colour. E.g. I was drawn to the colour red and thought of love, passion and anger. Do this now!

  • It is not letting me post the picture, but I will try again!

  • Nope! oh well if you could just pick a colour then you feel drawn to at present and think of what feelings and thoughts come to mind I will explain.

    What this means is and I will use my example, red to me at present represents love, passion and anger, therefore at the moment I am a loving, passionate person, who needs to control my temper, as I have been feeling angry lately. Also I want to attract more love and passion into my life, and release the anger. What do you guys think of this and I would be interested to see what colour you were drawn to and what feelings and thoughts came up for you.

    Love and Light


  • ...that is just the rub, I am often drawn to many colours.

    I see green when I need to feel close to nature ...and require that outdoor feeling of relaxing, or deem it necessary to perceive knowledge!

    I see blue ...when I desire peace of mind.

    I see gold ...for that urge to feel close to my ancestors...

    And yes ...I do see much red, for red is my colour.

    Yet, my artwork urges orange in colour, the backgrounds are vibrant with orange hues.

  • I had the image of flying through green.

  • EsotericPhilospher

    From what you have said about the colours, I sense you are a natural, calm, strong and wise beyond your years, person, with passion and drive. As for the orange hues in the background of your art work I hit a wall, really nothing came to mind except an image of an orange sun setting in the sky and feelings of warmth and gratitude. It was nice to hear your scope on the colours, they are universal, yet unique to you.


    What does green mean to you? Personally it reminds me of nature and healing, as the colour associates with Archangel Raphael and is a emerald green. Is there an area in your life which you think needs healing, if so wearing this colour or/and focusing on this colour in meditation would help, along with getting out in nature if possible. Flying....Wow what do you think that is about? Personally I'd say that you are quite a spiritual person, who feels much freedom, but maybe you may need grounding and need to ground yourself often, (if you don't do so already) as you maybe feeling a bit 'up in the air'. I get this problem sometimes and I often carry a Red Jasper crystal around with me, which helps and also I imagine roots growing from my feet into the ground, while concentrating on my base chakra being open with the others remaining shut.

  • How kind of you LeoLou to take the time to respond. I like what you're saying very much, but can't reply more fully now. Warm wishes.

  • Oh that is so kind of you to say.

    Yet, I am not a very strong individual or feminine.

    I struggle day to day with reasons to continue to exist.

    You are very intuitive of knowledge, thank you.

  • 🙂 I'm drawn to Purple lately. 🙂

  • Thank you Greenshoots and EsotericPhilospher, best wishes to you both 🙂

    Hey Poetic555, love the butterfly!

    Purple to me is a very spiritual colour and from what I sense from you, as well as from previous posts you have wrote, it dose not surprise me that you would be drawn to this colour. Also to me it represents intelligence, mystery and independence. Perhaps you are drawn to this colour at present, because there is an area of your life which calls for more independence and intelligence on your part. Maybe you are experiencing big changes right now and it all seems quite mysterious. Maybe I am way off here, but I just felt like having a go of reading you in connection to the colour you are drawn to at the moment.

  • Thats cool and sounds just like me! LOL! I never thought of it that way! Yes I'm growing up finally, been a long time coming but I'm getting there! Purple is also a color of Royalty I believe.

    Colors are like life itself, all different hues, emotions, aura's, feelings. There was a saying "What color is your rainbow." Think too if you wanted to drink life and see what it tasted of, I'm sure it would be a rainbow. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Dmick, all IS well and I'm excited, count down to 11 11 11, may we all soar with new baby butterfly wings! 🙂

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