I would love a tarot reading please :)

  • Hi all ,

    I would really love to have a tarot reading done to see whats in store for me in the near future ,as i cant read the cards for myself .

    Many thanks in advance love and light Loap:)

  • Hey LoaP - How about a trade? I can do you tomorrow - did too many today and need to rest up. Is there anything in particular you want to know about or need guidance in?

  • Ok WG no worries i just mainly wanted to know if anything different is coming up was coming up for me as i feel stuck in a mundane rut .

    What area would you would like me to focus on for yourself ?

    Thanks i really appreaciate it

    Love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • Ahhhh, the stuck in a mundane rut thing is going around lately like the flu ๐Ÿ™‚ OK. I will get back to you in a bit.

    As far as me.....I don't feel anything really pressing lately but I may have a decision to make this week with regard to a job. Meeting with him later today (or at least supposed to - he arrived late last night). He is a business associate and friend of my well-to-do sister and brother-in-law. It's not that much money and won't really be all that challenging for me, BUT it will give me lots of freedom - won't have to go into an office - and could afford me the time I need to start something of my own on the side. My attitude is to go with the flow and take what is offered (if it is offered, that is) and trust the Universe. Who knows? It may turn into something much better or it could just be something to tide me over for a while until something better comes along. I did make it clear to him that this would necessarily be a long-term commitment for me and he needs to be ok with that upfront.

    Outside of the potential job this week, the only question I would have is what next step(s) to take with regard to starting something of my own. I know the Universe wants me to do something metaphysical - some type of "healing" but not 100% sure it is doing readings. And if it is doing readings, then I am still in a quandary of how that will look....a website, word of mouth, etc.

    OK...I'll be back in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dearest LoaP,

    My dear, you are EXHAUSTED! I did a Celtic Cross for you and the entire spread just screamed run down, tired, doing too much for others and needing time to replenish yourself both physically and spiritually. You are in need of a serious injection of much needed energy. The first thing you must do is give yourself a time out and you need to learn to do this more frequently - taking time out to replenish yourself. You give and give - taking care of the kids, the home, doing things for others - and forget about yourself so you wind up feeling depleted. You are in serious need of some LoaP play time. You showed up as the World in your spread but it came through as Gaia...I think for a couple of reasons. One, because of your empathic abilities - are you sure you are doing enough to ground and protect yourself when you do readings? Also, a nudge about the physical aspect of life - taking care of yourself with not only proper nutrition and rest, but to set limits to all you do for others as you overextend yourself and get run down which affects you physically. Balance. Both in regard to giving to others versus giving to yourself and in the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

    There also feels like there is a question of faith or a loss of faith going on within you right now. Your recent past showed an upset - I am thinking maybe this is about that little boy you were upset about - and this has contributed to your feeling depleted and run down. Your advice card was about taking time out to play and do things for you, but I think there was a 2nd message there that this little boy is ok. Another reason maybe Gaia came through....motherhood, feelings of love and nurturing and also the need to keep yourself grounded and shielded.

    In answer to your question of what 's coming up for you, I think you can expect a lot of change as you got a lot of 5's in your spread as well as the Ace of Wands as your outcome. Most of this I felt was about your current lack of energy - the need to replenish it - and then things feeling like they are starting anew again. But, you never know ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here is your spread:

    Foundation: Temperance

    You: The World

    Crossing You: 5 of Pents

    What's Above: 5 of Wands

    Recent Past: 10 of Swords

    Present: 10 of Wands

    Near Future: 5 of Cups

    Blocks: The Hermit

    Environment: The Tower

    Advice: Page of Cups

    Outcome: Ace of Wands

    I also pulled some of my Spiritual Guidance cards afterwards and they seem to confirm the above (sorry I don't have the pics to upload)...

    The attitude or frame of mind in which to approach your current situation:

    Gaia...Physical Body. Keywords - nutrition, physical well-being, groundedness, practicality. Gaia speaks to respecting your body and giving it the attention it deserves and needs or you will wind up feeling weak and unable to achieve your goals. Also a nudge to replenish yourself by getting outside and enjoying nature as well as a reminder to stay grounded.

    The best way to shift the energy to a higher vibration: Higher Self...Decisions. Keywords - confusion, quandary, ambivalence, juggling. Decisions speaks to having lots of things to do and many choices to make, however that at times it is necessary to let some of the balls you juggle drop to the wayside for the time being so you can attend to YOUR needs. It also speaks to becoming overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others and the need to replenish your spirit. The old adage comes to mind that you can't keep everyone happy all the time...

    What you are overlooking and need to be aware of in order to bring about a positive solution: Master Teacher...Purpose. Keywords - consistency, dedication, reliability, faithfulness. Purpose speaks to aligning yourself with your life purpose - doing what you love - and as you do your days will flow with more ease. It also cautions against pushing yourself to exhaustion and to remember to remain measured and steady and to give yourself the rest that you need so that your mind, body and spirit do not become fatigued. It says to develop the wisdom to know when to step away and refresh your soul.

    I think the boredom or restlessness you are feeling right now is your Soul speaking to you -- it is a Divine restlessness that is calling to your attention that you have depleted yourself and need to take some time out from giving to others in order to give to yourself. Express your creativity - find an outlet for YOU that will replenish and uplift your spirit.



  • Hi WG

    Thankyou so much everything was spot on its exactly how i am feeling ., It is true i am always tending to everyone and everything else before my own needs , i have always been like this even before i had kids . I know this is a trait have to to work on . I am exhausted somedays i feel as if the life has been drained out of me .I feel as if everything has become mundane in my relationship and that this is how its going to be for the rest of my life. except for my kids they are my whole being they bring me the utmost joy they are the light at the end of my tunnel .

    Thanks again WG i really appreaciate you doing this reading for me ,now i will do you a reading as well is there any particular area you would like me to focus on ? and do you have a question? It might take me a couple of days to get back to you as well with kids and all .

    Many Blessings love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • Hey LoaP - I love the roses! I don't need a reading hun...you are way too exhausted ๐Ÿ™‚ In lieu of a reading here is what I want you to do for me - take a minimum of 30 minutes tomorrow (or would that be today for you?) and go outside and just sit and BE. If the sun is shining, close your eyes and lift your face up to it and feel the warmth on your skin. If there is a breeze, notice how it feels on your face, against your skin or blowing through your hair. Look at the leaves and the trees, the birds, anything in nature that you normally do not allow yourself the time to notice and enjoy. This afternoon I went outside and my beloved (my kitty Chloe) came wandering outside with me. I just watched her explore and play like she was in the jungle. Then she laid down in the shade under a big tree and rolled around - until she saw a bird and turned into jungle kitty again ๐Ÿ™‚ She made me laugh. When she heard me laugh she looked over as if she was just discovering I was there and then came running over to me and rubbed up against me and then laid down in my lap and purred. It's the simple little things we need to take the time out to enjoy in order to refresh our soul. Then come inside and enjoy your kids. Let them hug you and kiss you. Put on some of your favorite music and dance with them. Forget the laundry or any other chores that need being done. And if your kids are at the age where they take naps, then today I want you to take a nap with them!



  • Hi WG,

    I do have some free time tomorrow with the littleone at kinder and its going to be a nice day here where i am so i will be able to do take some well needed time out . I have to tell you today i went to the cemetrey visit a friend who has passed on and normally i am always surrounded by people, but i decided to go on my own i was very sad tears welled up as i would give anything to turn back time so i could actually go around to my friends house and have a coffee and a chat like we used to, I sat at her grave talking to telling her everything thats going on in my life and how much i miss her and it was so peaceful , i felt her prescence but the whole point of this is that i was on my own and out of the house and even though i was crying my eyes out it done me a world of good it felt like i was releasing alot of pent up energy .

    Thanks once again the offer is always there if you ever want a reading .

    Love, light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Sometimes a good cry can be very cathartic. Make sure you shield yourself when you visit cemeteries, though - you are like an empathic sponge you know! I am glad you will have time today to refresh and rejuvenate. Let me know how it goes - maybe take a picture and post it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi WG ,

    I took your advice today i went to the shops and before i left i made a deal with myself that i am only going to look at things im interested in nothing for the kids ,, well it was really hard but i did it i only looked at oracle cards handbags i felt guiltyat first as my kids need new summer clothes but it was good to look at something that i was intersted in for a change . I have never heard of cathartic before will have to google it . I also have to tell you ive been experiencing strange things, i feel i have the spirit of a child around me for sure, on several occasions ive heard footsteps running up and down my hallway and last night i heard a childs voice, but i couldnt make out what it said and i thought for sure it was one of my kids ,so i said come on now back to bed and got up a second later went down to check on them and they were all sound asleep .I know for sure it wasnt them . I wish i could tap into spirit energy more and find out who it is .

    Love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • Hey LoaP,

    Good for you!!! Try to make a habit out of it now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, there was something coming through about a child for you. Wish I could try to tap in and find out more for you, but I am exhausted today. Way too many young love readings lately and people entrenched in denial. It wears on me. Now I'm the one who needs to refresh my spirit!

    Catharticโ€ฆpurifying, cleansing, liberating, releasing, therapeutic, beneficial, healing.



  • Hi WG ,

    Took time out again today feeling more refreshed , when i had my last child who is now 4 i always felt like i had 2 babies if that makes sense to you , when i would put him down for a nap i would think i could hear him crying but when i went to check he was sound asleep i felt the energy strong. I went to tarot reader she said you have 4 children one is in spirit , i have never lost a child , but i totally understand what she meant as i felt i should have 4 anyway, ive been fixed so there is no chance of it ever happening as i had my last son at age 38 and there was no way i could have another heading into my 40s i couldnt even contemplate it . . I bought a really good deck of orcle cards today called The Psychic tarot by John holland have you ever heard of him ? They are great cards beautiful illustrations , easy to use i love them . I hope you get plenty of rest .

    Take care

    Love, light and hugs Loap xx

  • Hey LoaP - That's what I meant also...a boy in spirit around you ๐Ÿ™‚ Feeling a bit better today. No readings yesterday. I take time out daily to go out and enjoy my back yard and the weather is starting to cool off a bit here so I can tolerate it better! When my great niece was born I wanted to knit her a baby blanket, but I don't knit (lol) so I went to a beginner's knitting class yesterday. It made me feel really YOUNG if you know what I mean!!! Starting out with a scarf for me - got some great yarn in a beautiful purple/plum/navy blue combo. AND I can't believe you just got those John Holland cards!!!!! I was looking at them on Amazon last week and thought about getting them -- mostly because the parts of the book I got to review talked about reading the cards from a psychic/intuitive standpoint rather than having definitions to learn. Let me know how it goes with them --- think that will be the next treat I buy for myself.



  • Hi WG,

    Your great niece is beautiful i can crochet baby blankets and only knit a scarf but i used to crochet as a little girl i loved it i wish i had more time to focus on it now . These John Holland cards are great im glad i bought them as i was tossing up between Doreen Virtues Ascended Masters Cards as i have most of her cards ., and im glad i did they even have chakra cards in them as well. I also have another deck called the Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish which is a great deck the imgery is beautiful i will post some pictires for you . Here are the pictures of The psychic tarot . I hope you enjoy your day of rest as its coolong down for you its heating up for me lol .

    L, L& Hs Loaop:)

  • These are some of the images of the oracle tarot by Lucy Cavendish i love the chariot so much that i got my Uncle paint it for me on a canvas . Do you have the mythic Tarot at all ? They have changed the imagery and i dont really like it much .

  • found this one just love this deck

  • Hey LoaP - You convinced me ๐Ÿ™‚ I AM going to get the John Holland deck! I just really liked the way he explained how to tap into your intuition in reading the cards rather than referring to definitions AND I also liked how the color on the borders of the cards related to the chakra that was involved. I don't have that particular deck by Lucy Cavendish (my favorite is The Magician, by the way - would love to have that painted for me!), but I did recently purchase her Oracle of Shadows and Light deck. The artwork on these cards is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. They are DARLING. I was actually thinking today that I would start a thread for Halloween using this deck (all the images are of witches, waifs, fairies, etc.) just for fun. The only problem is I don't have the images of the cards to attach. I will have to see if scanning them will work. Attached is some of the artwork from Jasmine's website so you can get an idea. They really are too cute.

    Oh - and thanks - my niece is beautiful (but I'm probably a little biased!).

    I'm feeling much more refreshed now. Had a few days to just focus on myself and I also had a chakra balancing today. The woman who does this for me is extremely psychic - you name it, she has the ability to do it - aside from chakra balancing and reading auras she is a medium, assists spirits in crossing over, clears homes of bad spirits, can pick up objects and tell their history including being at an historic site like the Mayan ruins, etc. When she does the chakra balancing she actually does a reading of each chakra telling you why it is out of balance. Not just what is going on presently, but what childhood or past experiences that are involved and need to be resolved, past life experiences/karma,etc. She can read right down to the cell level for physical ailments that have resulted from any spiritual ailments. Anyway, she shed a lot of light for me today on what has been going on with me for the last few weeks.

    Hope you are feeling refreshed as well!!

  • They are so cute WG , Halloween coming up already we dont celebrate it over here but i always wanted to as a kid it looked like fun what i seen on the tv . My daughter who is 11 just came up to me before and i was doing the psychic tarot cards ,and said she wants to design her own deck of cards she is very artistic i said to her go for it . Do you have any Doreen Vitrue cards ? I find they are all the same after a while wether it is Angels, Gods or Goddesses, i love them but if find im getting bored o f doing them if that makes sense . You posted some really nice cards on the other thread you have i really liked them .


  • Sorry forgot to add that lady you describe sounds wonderful i wish i knew someone like that who had all of those abilities . You are very lucky .

  • Hey LoaP - I posted such a LONG reply last night and it's now not here (?) Hmmmmm, those tricky computer gremlins ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now I can't remember all that I said but I do remember saying that I do not have any of Doreen Virtue's cards. All those cards you like are from different decks all done by Toni Carmine Salerno (an Aussie!). I have his Spirit Oracle, Universal Wisdom Oracle and Angels, Gods & Goddesses decks. The set that everyone seems to like the most (which I don't have - I pull them online) are his Gaia Oracle cards. The thing I like about most of his cards - other than the art as he is a really gifted artist - is that they really don't have specific messages to them. Maybe a key word or two, but mostly it's about what comes through to you from the art. There are books with definitions that come with them, but I find they are more accurate when you just focus on the image and see what pops out at you. These are the kind of cards you need as you really do have strong intuition - I think the card "definitions" actually get in your way!

    What a shame you don't have Halloween in Australia ๐Ÿ˜ž It was always my favorite holiday as a kid. Myabe you should have your kids dress up and have a All Hallow's Eve party anyway (lol).

    Hope you are well and cointinuing to nurture your spirit back to vibrancy ๐Ÿ™‚

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