Soul Partners ? Captain, Dolerite, Watergirl

  • Do you believe as i do now, that we have passing souls that come into our lives , just to help us grow and help us be the person we are and meant to be, when that had been forgotten for so long.

    One decision it starts the change.. i remember this.. be who you are and be happy with it.

    Two... Need to feel again.. all there.. i was sitting on my sofa, i just felt the outer line of his body next to me.. turned out he had a car accident...

    Third.. Have both someone be who you are with and re learning the physical seance too.

    Now the first i have always felt his essence, when its time for closure,.. and back till i listened to it.

    Now last night today its gone, im feeling some what free now.

  • Does that make any sense at all,

    Trusting your inner gut in some ways?

  • Im inpayeint bump

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