Astra Angel would you be able to provide some advice?

  • Hi

    I am new to this forum and I have read through a lot of the topics and Astra Angel I am amazed at the advice you give. Could you provide me with any extra details?

    I did a spread regarding my friend he has moved away to school, and we've become distant I would just like to see where things stand right now.

    What type of person is this: Strength

    Alright first off i see him as the lion in this picture and I as the female its our relationship as freinds right now im the one trying to get from him but its like

    pulling teeth ... He has a very strong personality, and stick to what he believes in.

    What relationship do you have with me: Ace of pentacles

    We have a strong foundation when it comes to our friendship we've been through a lot together as friends and i would say were both comfortable with eachother more

    so then most

    What do i need to know in relation to this person: Three of pentacles

    I am currently in a relationship so i see this card often relating back to us we have grown up together for the past 7 years .. him and my boyfreind have always been i see it as the foundation where our friendship bases from..

    What does this person think of me: Eight of pentacles

    He thinks of me in the early stages of working at it ... ?? not really sure of this one..

    What does this person feel towards me: Death (Ace of cups)

    We did have a falling out a little while back ... so i see the death card representing that... im not sure if the ace of cups is in regards to the new feelings

    that will begin with us or with someone completely new...

    What is next to come with this person and I: Queen of pentacles: Another women may come into the picture to interfer in some way???

    What history has occured between us: Six of swords

    moved away from the past due to everything that has happened..

    What connection do i share with this person: Two of cups (SUN) I take this as a very positive thing we have always regardless of whats happened just been able to

    find that comfort when were around eachother we could be so Angry at eachother and five minutes later be the best of friends like nothing had happened

    Ive felt this connection pretty much since the day we met!!

    what other people are involved in this situation concering this person and i: Page of cups, knight of pentacles

    I see this as his girfriend and my boyfriend being the others involveD??? his girlfriend is a cancer and my boyfriend is a taurus

    Advice about this person: World tarot card

    Outcome within the next six weeks with this person: Two of wands clarifying cards - (Knight of wands) (Ten of cups)

    A decision needs to be made and i will move into a new phase that brings me into a family like perspective approach on where i want to be headed

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