Needing help on a reading

  • So I was working on a reading for a guy friend of mine, with the simple 3-card spread (past, present, future -- short and sweet) and he drew The Tower, 10 of Swords, and 3 of Swords. I don't read inversions, so they were all right-side up. Seemed like a hugely negative spread, so I asked him if I could come back to him with a meaning. Anyone care to help interpret this for me?

  • What was the question? About a romance, his career, etc? Without knowing, the general vibe I get is that there was something either upsetting, traumatic or just chaotic that occured in his recent past - something he did not expect. Could be upsetting news or just something that he thought was solid came crumbling down...a relationship or a job. The 10 of Swords in the present is the aftermath of this incident. Whatever the situation was it is indeed done and over and he needs to look to the sun coming up over the horizon. 3 of Swords in the future can indicate his healing from this - a time to allow his grief or heartache to be felt and released - a time of healing.

  • It was a general reading, with no real question in mind, or none that he told me. He was more concerned with how bad of a cars shuffler he was, though I don't think that was traumatic enough to warrant those cards, haha.

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