I lost my gemini man but now we are talking again

  • People, I screwed u0 somethign fierce with this man. We had a huge arguement about a year and ahalf ago. Shattered my world. I did somethings that were not nice and was hurting from a and made some bad choices. He was my best friend for 3 years. We had a huge fight.

    Well about a couple weeks ago I messaged him..and he actually responded so I guess thats a good sign. I want us to me together and knwo it will take time but I need to know what to do to bring his heart back to me. I didn't realize how much I was inl love with him until he was gone.

    I am a sagattarius female and he is a gemnini man. Im pretty blunt and brutally honest but have been told I have to kinda play the game concernign him.

    He todl me he ahs a girlried now buit i know he is lying. I knwo the girl he is talkign about and she is no where near his girlfriend good friend but she is engaged to antoher man and lives in a different state. My gut tells me he is doing this to protect himself.

    I want him to trust me enough to open his heart again. When we split he reacted in a way that was 'just firends' anger so im a little confused.

    I know it will take time but it seriously hurts on a deep level that I cant tell him that Im in love with him and how he feels about me. I just want him. 😕

    I miss him so much any pointers as to bring him back around on a romantic level?

  • sorry mistypes just woke up lol its wasn't 'just friends anger'

  • does your gemini man live and work in NYC?

  • nopers he don't

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