Need help on a conflcit it is a possible serious cause.

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    I worked one day with a female young, Stephanie. Claims she is 20. August 1st birthday.The entire staff has had issues with her from the start. Also with her other job. I had called her other jobs boss to report her for Slander upon his business. She was also reported by a customer. Since I have met her, me and my co workers have had issues. My car window was smashed near her place of employment after the first shift with her, 4 days later.The day she got my number I had men calling my phone asking for "private massages" She is a leo and she came into my divination, I was also informed by two others one in which is psychic that they sensed a female and vindictive. when I asked if in fact it was her. All the signs and facts lead to her.

    She had made remarks to the manager about me and my co worker. In the meeting between us three girls she denied all and never came out. She lied. She lies and has been caught for slander. I did infact report her to the owner of the business concerning the slander. My intention is to seek truth and expose truth. I dont want to sue or cause action other than what is desreved. I just want to get to the truth.

    Is there a way to find meaning in this or definate suspect.

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  • I will try to read for you, even though I am very much a novice. I am going to model my spread after the one I've seen watergirl18 use.

    OK, from what I think I see, there are deep implications in your situation. There are five Major Arcana cards, three Swords, two Pentacles, and one Cup. The Swords represent Stephanie, the recent past, and the near future. They show Stephanie's detachment from emotions. The one Cup represents what's crossing her, which is probably you. The two Pentacles represent the present and the outcome, showing how she is trying to affect you materially right now and how you will be affected materially. The theme of this situation is one of Justice and revenge. She is revengeful toward your happiness, and you may be revengeful toward her evil actions. She is someone who avoids her problems by ignoring them. There is a spark of emotion that she is in conflict with, and it is most likely something she sees in you that she doesn't like, the Ace of Cups. She has been wounded in the heart recently and may not like it that you seem to be happy. Presently she is poking fun at you and messing with your material life (two of Pentacles), but soon she will attempt to triumph over you and gloat over your defeat (five of Swords). She will not stop until she has accomplished that goal, signified by the Chariot in the Above. Something has ended for her that she did not want to end, which is what frustrates her, shown by the card Death. Probably a former relationship, tying to the Three of Swords in the Recent Past. She is in a wholesome environment right now, which works against her if she is trying to make things complicated. The advice in this situation is be loving and motherly like the Empress, no matter what happens, because the good, nurturing environment of Strength will punish her for her actions rather than you. If you continue on this path, you will see productivity, and work life will continue for you as it has been going, shown in the eight of Pentacles.

    This is what I drew.

    Foundation: Justice

    You (Stephanie): Four of Swords

    Crossing You (Stephanie): Ace of Cups

    What's Above: The Chariot

    Recent Past: Three of Swords

    Present: Two of Pentacles

    Near Future:Five of Swords

    Blocks: Death

    Environment: Strength

    Advice: The Empress

    Outcome: Eight of Pentacles

    I hope this helps. Like I said, I am very new to this (I've been reading for ten days).

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