Interpretations would be greatly appreciated as I'm new to tarot

  • I did a celtic cross 10 card layout reading on my my marriage. I used the Ananda Tarot deck of cards:

    1. Starting point/object in question: Three of Cups

    2. Opposition or completion to first card: The Magician

    3. Possibilities and goal: Eight of Swords

    4. Root of base: The Tower

    5. Past: Death

    6. Future: Two of Flames

    7. Inner attitude: Three of Cups

    8. Outer Influences: Eight of Spheres

    9. Hopes and Fears: The Hierophant

    10. Goal or task: Seven of Swords

    Thanks, I really hope someone could help me out.

  • ******Correction: number 7, inner attitude, should be Three of Spheres

  • Anyone care to help me out? I'm a wife, confused about my marriage and was hoping this reading would bring clarity to my situation but I need help. We're both 29, no kids. We've been together for almost 7 years, married for 4 years. It seems he is stuck in a rut most of the time, and I can't get him out.

    There seems to be a lack of wanting the same things, of passion, and trust. Neither of us has cheated, although I'm dealing with an intense attraction to someone else at the moment, but haven't cheated. The attraction to this other person is so strong I can't get them off of my mind. What does this tarot card reading indicate about the state of my marriage? I'm ready for the truth.

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