• Can anyone do a reading for me please. I'm very troubled at the moment and need some guidance.

    Thank you.

  • Knight of Wands

    10 of Cups reversed

    The Moon reversed

    Please bear with me on this interpretation as I am a bit rusty.

    I do see there is a figure or personality type that is bold and a go-getter. This aspect of personality or person is not the type to really think things through but they have a strong passion and do attract many persons to them.

    The next card is about love and contentment on a large scale. When reversed, it shows a very unpleasant situation or environment. The people around you seem far away or nonexistent. You feel you've been let down in some way with your surroundings and that you may not have any control over it. Trust that when I say you do have control over the situation.

    The next card is about secrets and mystery. When reversed, still, it may represent great uncertainty and there may be anxiety present. It shows me you may not be sleeping well at night. This is an important lesson in your life right now. All that I can say right now is get in touch with your faith and let your heart guide the way. It will give you the strength you need.


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