Could someone please help me interperet my celtic cross reading?

  • Hello, I have read tarot for myself and friends for a few years but this reading confused me a little so a little insight from an expert would be hugley appreciated. Tthank you.

    The cards I got are below (in order)

    The World

    The Empress

    10 of Pentacles

    The magician

    The Fool

    2 of Swords (R)


    4 of Swords (R)


    The Hermit (R)

    Many thanks! It looks a bit full on!


  • Just a little bump.. thanks if anyone has time for me.

    Many thanks..

  • and another one.. ;o) thanks to anyone that is willing to help!

  • Please tell me what your question was or what you were seeking guidance on when you did this reading and I will be happy to help. Also, not everyone places the cards in the same order so please identify the positional meaning of each card (ie: past, present, future, hopes/dreams, environment, etc.)

  • Oh thank you! it was a celtic cross reading so they are in order of this, thank you. I didn't ask an actual question, i just asked the cards to tell me what I need to know right now.

    Many thanks for your help 🐵

  • Not everyone places the cards in the same order in a Celtic Cross and some people have different meanings for the positions so you will need to tell us what each card position was if you would like an outside interpretation. For instance, for some people card 3 is the foundation card and for others card 3 is the crowning card. Also, for some people card 9 is hopes and fears and for others card 7 is hopes and fears. I don't even do a hopes and fears card - my card 9 is my Advice card. See what I mean???

  • GeminiFairy,

    Well, based on how I normally assign the positional meanings as well as what I am just getting from the cards in general is that there is something you are contemplating doing or are about to do that you are going to deeply regret. You are being strongly cautioned against it and warned that whatever this situation is - and I am getting that it is a pretty strong physical attraction to someone that is being interpreted as a psychic connection - you need to recognize what it is stirring up within you that needs to be healed. It appears as though you have been feeling a lack of something in your life - a lack of wholeness or completeness or just a general feeling of something's missing - and you feel as though this person is the "cure." But he is not. Whatever problems you have in your current relationship will just end up repeating with this new one if it even gets that far (it's not coming through that way - just as an impulsive action that will bring regret and possible devastation). So the question to ask is not WHO is the problem, but WHAT is the problem? If you MUST answer the "who?" question, then go in the bathroom and look in the mirror. And the way to proceed for the immediate future is to ground yourself and be practical and reserved in romantic matters.



  • Blimey! makes a lot of sense, thank you. i will take the advice and I agree I need to ground myself and be more practical. thanks so much for taking the time to even reply to me, very grateful. 🐵 warm regards, Claire. x

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