Do you think Taurus people are "hard to please"?

  • I am one, and i have to say i have been told this by more than one person - men and women alike. I get that I tend to be strong willed / stubborn... but generally speaking i think i'm pretty easy to get along with. So i really dont get this?! everytime i ask for some further explanantion i basically get laughed at lol

  • Yes i feel that we are hard to please , i know for sure i can be and this is not a trait i like at all within myself .

  • I agree with LOP I do appear difficult to please. Since I have gotten older, I find this fading. BC I am able to communicate my needs and wants better, therefore I am not so hard to read.

  • I wish i was more like that T7 im still having trouble with the communicating issue., being 42 i though i would be beyond that now .

  • Maybe you've hit the nail on the head Taurus7 ... there are times that I catch myself not being very clear about what it is i want or exect from someone. Often times though this is becaus ei am unsure myself. Othertimes though, its like i get this sense that if i put it in words it not only over simplifies and doesnt quite fit or i begin to doubt the sincerity.

    The fact you've gotten better witht his over the years leaves me hoeful though 🙂 thx!

  • geez, i've really gotta start proof reading on here - i'm used to having an edit button for typos 😞 lol sorry.

  • I feel that i am not assertive enough i am a peacemaker not a boatrocker .Still dealing with the not knowing how to say NO issue .

  • Honestly, you can say we are hard to please, but I think that's only if effort wasn't taken to find out what we really like, if the effort was CHEAP, or if there wasn't meaning behind the effort or it was half-assed. My closest friends and family know many of the things I love, so they have an easy time pleasing me.

    I'm most content when people don't get in my way, agree with what I say, and give me money ( or good food). hahaha

  • I feel that they in their own way are not, they just want respect and understanding,

    Do tend to want it your way, but this is, your way through good matter of fact talk you can go a long way for you to hear other and just get what you want across.. but your bull likes charge all the time..

    HeHe x

  • saying no, or being assertive has never been an issue for this bull lol but feeling that im being "clear" or understood aways has been.

  • I totally agree with EarthGoddess 22,

    Thats exactly what i was trying to say and sometimes i get very hurt when i go to alot of effort for someone and they dont do the same in return .

  • Thanks livingonaprayer. I, too have trouble saying no sometimes, at least I used to. I just really don't like confrontation cuz I know if I get pissed enough I might get violent. xD

  • I try to avoid confrontation at all costs if i can as i dont like to rock the boat , i thought with age i might toughen up a bit . sometimes i wish i was different . I wish i could tell people straight what i think, feel and want .

  • oh and forgot to add especailly what i need .

  • I have lived with my Taurus husband for 22 yrs, he is stubborn...I also find myself asking him why he is with me for so long, as when we argue he always names off things that he wishes I would do or be like....??? Some expectations he has for me...I tell him I am NOT that person...get it through u'r head... I feel at times he tries to control me, and he never likes any of my friends. I feel it is because it takes time away from spending it with him...he does not like to share me with ANYONE. The more he tries to push me into doing what he wants, the more I rebel...I do it to prove a point, that I will not be a robot for him...Sometimes I feel like I am more of a trophy to him to drag around on his arm, then anything else...Don't get me wrong, he is very affectionate though....but when he gets sick or anything, he is a big baby....he always reverts back to his childhood and says that his mom did this and his mom did that when he was sick...he expects me to do these same things for him as his mom did...I am not his mom, I tell drives me crazy how he has such high expectations in his own mind of how things, people, and situations should go down, and if they don't go that way then it is wrong...I don't know honestly how we lasted this long, but then again that is the stubborn quality of the Taurus, in him, and I also have Taurus in me, although I am Leo...we seem like although things get bad, nobody will ever make the move to just leave...:P One question I do have is if any of u have issues with u'r feet?? My husband is forever dealing with foot issues whether minor, or major...and he always stubs his feet on things....crazy!

  • No issues with my feet lol but my aquarius man has serious foot issues - not like they're medically bad in a some way he's just extremely sensitive , to the point of being paranoid about his precious toes when they'r enot in shoes lol i doubt this has anythign to do with his sign, he's just a weirdo lol 😛

    I wonder , after reading the posts here, if avoiding conrontation is a normal or common taurus trait? I have to say I dont have it if so. On the contrary i love debate (b/c its a chance to be right lol) and will often start or elongate minor arguments just for the heck of it. lol this isnt one of my proudest traits but its definite true none- the-less and i have litterally always been that way. Those closest to me say i'll disagree just to do it... but i dont see it that way (though i get why they do).

    To the poster with the Taurus hubby - I cant speak for anyone else but i will say that i do tend to be bossy. the truth is, i just have a hard time trusting / waiting on someone else to take the lead. secretly though, i really dont want the world to be submissive or bend to my will... i want someone tough and strong enough to take the reigns but this is one of the only ways i know of testing the worthiness of another. It sounds like your hubby met his match in you... and thats what this taurus requires. if someone actlly bends i find them weak and no longer attractive... so this coud be a part of why you two work in your own way 😉

  • I was just catching up on this and after reading, the old saying like a bull in a china shop came to my mind.

    There is nothing wrong with how we are, feel, think and communicate. However, for me, I had to figure myself out first. I hope that makes sense. I was always confused as to why people would say, oh she thinks she is a know it all, when that was the farthest thing from my heart! It was frustrating!

    It took me a long time to figure out how to balance myself. I am still working on it.

  • Are we difficult to please? ABSOLUTELY! Tauruses can also be a 'walking contradiction.' We're shy, but domineering. Love to control a situation, but would prefer that our partners take the lead. Very introverted and horrific communicators, but want total honesty and communication from our prospective partners. We're very guarded, vulnerable., secretive..emotionally strong individuals who can deal with the craziest situations. We can be hot one day, and then cold the next. This simply means that we can place you up in a pedestal, make you feel like the best person that you can be (yes, we're very good @ ego-boosting)...but cross us, and give us a 'fickle' perception of stability, and we will act as if we never loved you at all!

    God help anyone who marries us! LOL!

  • Oh whoa ho!! I am excellent at communicating!! I am and have always been. I cut straight through the crap and to the is the ones who are listening that have the issues with the cold hard facts.

    Sorry, but this is just a hot button issue for me. I mean what i say and I do not mince my words. never have, never will....

  • I wish i was more like you T7 , l always mince my words and try to drop hints to people but that doesnt work either .

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