Will karma haunt me? Virgo Man, Scorpio Woman

  • Recently, I (a young scorpio woman) got intimate (no sex but just mild intimacy) with a friend (young virgo man) who I met a few months ago. At the same time he met me, he met his now girlfriend. They had been dating for a little over two months when we met out one night and this intimacy occurred.

    We had been flirting since we met--physical playfulness and a warm attraction and mental understanding. He's mentioned how clingy his girlfriend is and has even suggested that they are in peril of a break-up..."she might not last".

    Since our night together, we have briefly chatted but not about our night together. Last week, I attempted to see him again merely to chat with him about what has happened but in a very suggestive and flirty way to see how he'd respond. He responded warmly and played at the notion of meeting me but in the end, he never acted.

    I'm stuck and in need of advice. I do have feelings for him, not strong ones, but I know they could develop into strong feelings if we gave it a chance AKA if he broke up with his girlfriend. But if not, I don't want to lose him as a friend.

    Can someone please give me some advice? Please, I'm asking for no negative comments. I do not believe that morals are black and white, so I do not believe there is an easy answer to this situation. I'd respect a respect comment, please.

  • Hi scorpio,

    Let me ask you this...would you want to be in the other girl's shoes with this guy?

    Because my dear...if you pursue it, that is where you will be. And I believe it will be the same when he marries.

    If you want that for yourself, it is your choice.

    I for one wouldnt want it.

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