Captain, I need advice on work situation

  • I seem to be unlucky finding devoted staff. Those that I have try to dethrone me, undisciplined or not really interested in working. They try to take advantage of what they could get from the office. And I catch them and then they lie. I am sad because I want to find devoted, efficient and loyal types. Any luck in the horizon? I wish to build a strong group before i retire. Will I achieve this? Sometimes I dont want to care any more.

  • Make sure you are doing efficient background checks of potential employees' resumes and their references, and use your gut instincts, not your emotions. I feel that you see what you want to see in new workers, not how they really are.

  • Also be their boss, not their friend. Use more discipline if you have to so that they won;t think you are too weak or easily fooled or manipulated.

  • Thanks, Captain. That's true. I do check backgrounds but persuasive types, I have found again and again, that they lie during the interview to get the job. One staff on her way out shared her thoughts on her last day. i have the tendency to over estimate myself thinking that eveyrthign will be ok after a few months training. It isn't so.

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