Death still our future? How and what can this mean?

  • I broke up with my boyfriend three weeks ago. I am still getting Death as our future. I had death as a future card before we broke up so now what could this mean?

    This makes no sense to me unless it really does mean actual death. I have ended relationships before without ever getting Death. We were not living together so our lives are not transformed and i'm already feeling my heart heal. He doesn't love me and i can't see him changing his mind about that. We also want different kinds of relationships. So some suggested rebirth seems impossible.

    What could this be saying? If it's a transformation not actual death then into what exactly? Is our friendship over too? Again how would that be a transformation? It's not like we're going to see much of each other, we only will meet up occasionally. If our friendship also ends this would not be a major blow or rebirth type thing. I don't understand what could possibly happen between us now that would require any major arcana at all.

    What are your feelings on this?

  • Death showed up for you in the past to let you know you would be breaking up and is now showing up as your future because you will remain that way. Nothing more ominous than that - just that the relationship is over. Rebirth will occur for the 2 of you separately.

  • I hadn't thought of that. Thank you!

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