Help with Tarot reading please

  • Hi, I used the spread below based on a question of a potential relationship with a man I have met that has gone very distant, please help me understand the reading

    1. How you see the other person

    Nine of Wands

    2. How the other person sees you

    Three of swords

    3. What you need

    Four of swords

    4. What the other person needs

    The Chariot

    5. Where the relationship is now

    King of cups

    6.Where you would like the relationship to go


    7. Where the other person would like the relationship to go


    8. Factors to be considered

    The Moon

    9. The end result

    The Lovers

    Please can somebody help me with this, thanks xxx

  • He thinks you are too needy and I also get that he is really focused on his career right now. Did he suffer a loss or setback recently? If not, he is very driven by material success. You really need to back off for now and give this a rest. Your worth is not tied to whether or not this one man wants to be in a relationship with you! Give him his space and work on yourself for right now. It's like that poem, "if you love something, set it free..." If he does not come back then it was not meant to be, my dear. Really - just do yourself a favor and release your anxiety over him for now. Being overly emotional about it will only make it worse - he wants a strong woman in his life.

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