Wateragirl18, reading pls. shine some light pls

  • Watergirl18, I thank you a head of time for reading this..

    Can I have a reading focused on this topic pls.

    to keep my sanity, i must move out of my current residence which is with my sister and her family. I must move away from my sister.

    At the same time its not easy because I'm unemployed looking for work as a nurse. but I cant deal living here anymore (I'm sure they cant handle me either) I want to take my self to a shelter and stay there until I'm able to get my own place. But i have a son and that's to unstable for him..

    big hugs,


  • Hi Sweetoty,

    It's best to give yourself some time to let the emotional waters calm before making this type of decision. Reason and intellect must prevail at certain times in our lives! There is something about this situation with your sister that runs deeper than what you are seeing at the moment and this is an opportunity for growth for you. Look beyond the surface and ask yourself WHAT the problem is rather than WHO the problem is. Step away from the drama of the emotions right now so that you can see the truth of your situation. Is living in a shelter and away from your son really better than the situation you are in right now? Something tells me it is not, but you are having a battle of egos in the house. It may be necessary for you to compromise for the time being until you get yourself employed and back on your feet. And be grateful that you have a sister that was willing to take you in! Right now just focus on getting yourself more grounded and practical. This is more about you growing into the powerful woman that you are and shedding the cloak of being a child. I'm not saying that to put you down - it's just that your lesson right now is to focus on achieving your goals and providing a stable and loving environment both for yourself and your son. When we are young our focus is on going out, having fun and romance. Those things are important in life, but they should not overshadow our other commitments. Focus on your true purpose right now and dedicate yourself to moving forward on that path. The more aligned you become in this way the easier your life will become. Forget about men right now and entertaining yourself in the moment and look to the future. Also, take better care of yourself. Get to bed early enough to give yourself a good night's rest. Eat and drink properly. Get up every day and get yourself out to the hospitals in your area to seek work. Consider your "job" right now as finding a job so that you can provide a stable environment for your son and become independent and self-sufficient. Learn to control your emotions - become more measured and steady and learn when to step away and let things blow over and cool down. Be responsible, calm and practical and I have a feeling that the environment in your sister's home will change.



  • 😃 true, very true. thank you so much I needed this talk... ❤ another point of view...

    im able to start crying now ..hehehe. and focus on moving forward... thank you ❤

    Big hugs for you,


  • You're welcome! Here are a few affirmations you might want to try when you get up in the morning...

    Everything that happens to me helps me to evolve.

    If I am standing in manure it is because I want to grow!

    I choose to heal in a way that involves grace and ease rather than chaos and pain.

    Things are going to be different.

    They are going to be easy.

    I am going to have everything I need.

    I create my reality by what I project.

    I can change my reality by changing my thoughts.

    I expect a miracle regarding the balance of gold coins and the work I do in my life.

    I expect balance in my life.

    Keep your expectations positive and that is what you will find...expect to be happy, safe and secure and you will be.



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