Any insight welcome...please advise

  • My husband has been 2 months out of surgery...but is not sure his circulation/leg vein implant will handle the very physically demanding job he has if he tries to go back to work to reach his retirement around Nov. 25th.

    His physical therapist advised another month of pt, and/or try to ride out until retirement.

    We will acrue more debt as we will have to use ccards....but really...thats ok as long as we can eventually get back on our feet. Should he stay off work?

    I am going on a two week trip Oct 14th with sis to visit mom...will he be okay while I am gone?

    Thank you for any input.

    God Bless you all.

  • Hi Patchlove,

    Well my gut reaction was to tell you to have him ask what type of modified duty would be available to him at work so that he could return but not have to due such physical or strenuous activity. But after doing your reading, I feel that I did receive a clear indication to continue with PT and to stay at home. Also, to focus on his "new" life and to trust that you will be provided for. And I am being told that your husband will be just fine while you are gone so stop worrying and enjoy yourself - I am being told "balance" along with "joy" and "gifts"....I think maybe your husband's surgery and recuperation have taken their toll on you as well and this is a chance for YOU to replenish your own spirit.



  • Hi Patchlove.

    It sounds like your husband has a Fem-pop bypass graft for leg cramping with exercise. Generally the recovery time is 2 to 3 months. He shouldn't have the cramping type pain anymore but may have surgical pain. I mean there is pain associated with the cuts in and on the leg. They often check the grafts with an ultasound. If he is having symptoms of the return of poor circulation contact his doctor. If everything appears OK pink feet and no pain everything is probably fine with the graft.. The grafts are stable with normal activity. This means they are not going to break apart. (doesn't make any difference if it is a synthetic graft or one of his big veins that they used)

    Sometimes there is swelling below the graft site. That should go away in time. Back to the pink feet Hope this helps you feel more comfortable

  • Thank you so very much watergirl and abetterplace. Your words have given much comfort, and wisdom.

    Normal activity it is!!


    Thank you for your direction and guidance.

    With love and gratitude.

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