I need advice please, the Captain

  • Hi Captain

    I dont know if i could ask for help to know someone's thought about me.,

    If it's ok, can you please help me?

    I really want to know how this guy think of me, since i dont want to bother him if he doesnt like to talk to me at all.. (it's been a long time i havent made new friend, so i'm confused..)

    His DOB is 21 July, 1982

    Mine is 26 March, 1985

    Thank you in advanced,

  • This can work for a short love affair but not for marriage. There can often be a third party involved here which can complicate the situation. Your relationship is often an escape for one of you (most likely your friend) from the third person who may be trying to limit their freedom or encroach on their safety. At such a time, you ut_it can show your very best, heroic qualities, extending understanding to the third person. Meanwhile your friend may be in love with the magic of the covertness and the secret, unpredictable and exciting nature of a love affair.

    If there is no third person, the attraction between you may be less intense and exciting. Your openness often doesn't carry a highly charged enough ingredient to hold your friend's interest. If he falls in love with you, however, he may be challenged to hold onto you, since you will feel threatened and hemmed in by his aggressiveness. He will also demand a lot of understanding, which you may lack or may not be willing to give. Your impulsiveness and his instability do not bode well for living together or any permanence or longevity, particularly once your initial idealization of each other fades away.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Thank you for your time.

    I'm supposed to reply and thank you. I just don't completely understand, so I took so long to reply.

    He and I are just in friend zone now. I don't know if we can move forward, but I guess it's not gonna happen since it's even hard to start of friends.

    With my jealously, I won't be able to handle the situation if there is third party..

  • Then you must work through your jealousy problems if you ever want to enjoy a successful relationship. Jealousy comes from insecurity, from not feeling as good as everyone else. So build up your self-respect and self-love.

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