Tired and confused..Need insight

  • you're the ocean

    a sea of love

    Hi! I've been vacation and then down with the flu- I cannot believe it been almost a month! Dang!!

    How are you???

    I heard a resonance of a strengthening chord within your words....peace...a moment of self, pure and without doubt stemming from your beautiful soul.

    I hope that trend has continued.

    And if there is doubt , negative self recrimination...then once again oust it out...for it has no place within you. It does not belong to the soul you are.

    Layers of fear are being stripped away little by little...let the healing continue.

    For every time you wonder what is wrong with you....answer "Nothing is wrong with me"

    "I am a beautiful creation of spirit and will. I have love unending within me"

    For every doubt, cast the light upon the darkness and let the light of your inner self heal one layer and then another.

    You are a beautiful soul dear one. Do not give up until you greet the morning with the sense of a truly new day.

    Love and Peace radiate within and without and a smile brighten the face in the mirror.

  • Hello dear patchlove,

    I hope you are feeling 100% better!

    I've been up/down. A lot has happened since we last talked. I think I have finally closed the chapter on my taurus man. I said my good-byes and wished him well. I told him that I couldn't be involved in his life and that I will miss him. I don't know. I think about him often but, I know it's best for me to move on. He'll always hold me back if we kept in contact. I just hope I can remain strong. Love is such a noble pursuit and I hope I can one day find it. Thank you for listening and your affirmations. I'm hoping with time, my head and my heart will recover from him.

  • So good to hear from you Ocean. Yayy!!

    I am feeling better!, Thank you.

    Yes, you will heal...the more you believe in yourself, the stronger you will become.

    Tapping into the inner light and love spirit within will help you become more and more aware of your inner beauty and it will manifest itself in your life.

    We all have days when we feel our regrets more than others...and it is painful when we have them.

    But I remember that God has forgiven me when I've fallen, that he loved me even at my worst.

    I have to learn to completely forgive myself....and continue to look up from where I am.

    Always looking ahead...and looking up...and moving forward.

    I am reminded every day that love is all around me...in the birds as they fly near....in the presence of loving angels both earthly and unseen.

    This is what to focus on.

    I am so glad you are moving away from a relationship that causes so much confusion and pain.

    Life is much too short to be wrung out back and forth like a washcloth.

    We declare ourselves free from the wringer!!!! lol

    May you have a beautiful day ocean...may God bring you something special to let you know he near..may love reveal itself to you in a moment you least expect it...love that is not of earthly fragile human source....but love that is within and yet beyond all of us, all encompassing.

    You will heal dear ocean, you are even now.

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