Help with Celtic cross please?

  • i'm very confused with the cards i got in his reading ! can anyone help me please?

    1 present ...... ten of wands

    2 influence......the devil

    3 past issues ......ace of pentacles

    4 immediate pass......ace of pentacles

    5 crowning thoughts...... four of cups

    6 immediate future..... the moon

    7 your fears.....three of cups

    8 environmental factor... the fool

    9 your hopes.... seven of swords

    10 outcome.... the hierophant

    i'm in the process of learning and this one got me really confused !!! thank you for your help!!

  • correction

    3 past issues ..... ace of cups

    4 immediate past..... ace of pentacles

  • Hi sandyp31

    I will take a try...


    ten of wands - you have your hands full. you are tired and weary from the Ace energies of past matters... they started nice however they seemed to only leave you with a lot of baggage to carry, and you are tired of carrying baggage.

    influence - the devil - a limitation in your life has resurfaced recently, something you thought was gone. There is though, bigger than life. Oh well, this card is more playful than serious. The devil is simply allowing you some space to laugh a little and relax about these "events"... as we shall see the outcome is very nice for you. The Aces as they ended left you with the four walls to contend with, and the responsibilities without the rewards you expected. It's okay, you will find that all has happened precisely as it had to, and will ultimately turn in your favor.

    past issues - ace of cups - something was started for you in the past, or with someone else, that did not mature as you had longed for. Something you loved, and someone else was involved... you had a lot of hopes pinned to that and it didn't work out. began, and then stopped... leaving you with trying to forge on by yourself...

    immediate past - ace of pentacles - so this ace theme continues from your past, the beginnings of something material, a new job perhaps, something new materially you recently got started on... and it also get stopped in its tracks, and i see this a repeating pattern for you... it begins, and for whatever reason it is interrupted and you feel no choice except to continue you on with your life journey, however that approach keeps leaving you with more wands to carry (touching on your own personal determination in life, you do NOT like to give up on anything)... leaving you where you are not at the ten of wands...

    crowning thoughts - four of cups - you have a longing for a spiritual love, something deeper and more meaningful than what happened in the Ace of Cups below you. You tired of that, and wanted something higher, and you have been searching a while for that... some disappointments... however you are still very optimistic and hopeful that you are still on the right path in love, and the great new is, you are.

    immediate future - the moon, you are entering a new time in your life of emotional maturity, you have grown weary of the beginnings of love and material that have not panned out like you hopped, and you are moving more into a spacier, more expansive view of your existence. It is like you are really wanting to lay down these plans and even relationships, and go for something entirely new and magical! You are wanting a fresh start in some key areas of your life. You are making a wise choice here.

    your fears - the three of cups - ah, so here we begin to unravel why, the Ace Cups did not mature as you had hoped, you harbor some fears emotionally as related to love, so you pull back and protect yourself. And in the wake of disappointments in love you have thrown yourself into other more substantive (material) rolls in the hopes that they would protect you. And still you are left longing... leading to the Moon, a new direction entirely, you have promised yourself!. This Three of Cups is what you want with all of your heart, this celebration with a heavenly atmosphere, connecting to the four of cups which is your true heart longing for a very true, mystical, magical love that is strong and pure.

    environmental factor - the fool - so this is how you see yourself at this time, you are in a situation which will be stretched should you decide to go for it and play the fool. You are hesitant, although you know you must. There are some security issues to contend with. A choice awaits you. And you will be playing the fool once again.

    your hopes - seven of swords - you are trying to think your way through a situation, it could be connected with the love matter from the past, and also ties into the Moon calling before you. You grapple with many things first intellectually. You are hoping for a short cut, and want to avoid the pain of the past you have experienced, however you cannot give up on love. The Moon is your haven in this matter. She will calm your mind, and allow you to trust. You are on the right path... trust your heart and let the Moon and the Three/Four of Cups light your true path. Your mind needs a rest anyway, you could use a break. (Ten of Wands also showing this weightiness.)

    Outcome - the hierophant - you come through this present experience (a phase of your life is changing) with a new self image and deep confidence in yourself that feels like it simply descended from the heavens while you were sleeping! Your eyes are opened to a new way to see love, and the experiences of your past now make perfect sense. You see the way that some of the past was not able to finish, and now you understand why. Your pieces all fall into place. This energy sees you attaining your own viewpoint related to all of the past, and you seem to be very solid and secure in this place. You may be taking what you have learned and are now sharing that with someone important in your life.

    I hopes that gives you something to consider,

    love and light to you.

  • I cried reading this !!! thank you so much !!!! i"m still in love with this person from my past, and every day i just wish that we can get back together and this makes me feel that is not letting me to move on with my life.... i have the feeling that somehow we are going to get back together !! i'm sure of it but don't know how !! do you see any of that happening or am i totally wrong ??? thank you so much for taking you're time and helping me !!! thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!

  • I cried reading this !!! thank you so much !!!! i"m still in love with this person from my past, and every day i just wish that we can get back together and this makes me feel that is not letting me to move on with my life.... i have the feeling that somehow we are going to get back together !! i'm sure of it but don't know how !! do you see any of that happening or am i totally wrong ??? thank you so much for taking you're time and helping me !!! thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!

  • up !

  • Hi Sandyp31, let's see...

    Okay I hear you, let's phrase the question as "What does the future indicate for you and this "person" you still love... and also, HOW can you best help move matters in that direction, a beautiful reunion.

    So I am going to try a custom spread, six cards to start off with...

    1. What is the nature of your union? The King of Wands tells me that this relationship is quite mature, and is blessed by heaven. We'll see what happened in a moment however I can see right now that your union with this person was/is of the highest order. Very nice and very much "meant to be".

    2. The Past Difficulty - The Three of Cups - this is a very interesting card to receive to this question. In the strongest possible terms, there was something, a celebration gone wrong, or something happened in your past with this person, that came in the midst of what shoud have been much happiness. It must have been heart breaking of a most severe order.

    3. Where the relationship is right now - The Four of Pentacles - material concerns seem to be the focus here. As if the material, financial concerns of life are more the focus than the love you share. This is foundational home and security concerns, one or both of you has a strong regard right now about home, or establishing home. I also received a strong word of "having your ducks in a row" as in, something material that may have come out of the union. Matters will change back.

    4. His Feelings for you - The Seven of Swords - this is a card that tells me that his involvement with you has involved a lot of sword energy, intellectual choices and concerns connected to the relationship. I sense a lot of heartache in this card of him to you, you can feel the swords having forced him to make some difficult choices. That energy shrouds his heart right now, he has a difficult time working through some of the pain of the swords. The seven is always optimistic, so my sense is that he always has his face to the wind, and feels you in the air.

    5. Your feelings toward him - The Three of Pentacles - This tied back to the present situation between the two of you, it seems that material concerns are weighing on you, however the threes are planning and so the sense is that this material concern, whatever it is that settled over this relationship like a wet blanket, is being worked out, something is reconnecting you, and the material matter will not be a concern. It is being handled.

    6. Advice - your best steps to take right now - The Five of Swords - Fives are change energy, so you should be willing to change something intellectually or in a view point, related to this person, in order to move matters forward.

    Also, When you look at the pattern in the last four cards, we have pentacles, swords, pentacles, swords, so i have the feeling something is cycling into place in this relationship. I believe your hearts are connected even though the heartaches of past. The pattern is showing up and that is wonderful news for you. Because once you see a pattern that is locked into place in the relationship, and it doesn't matter what it is, call it a trust point, it is a sign of maturity and something developing very powerfully for you two.

    Also, the fact that we did not receive a Major Arcana card tells me that you should not encounter any real resistance, or anything significantly unsettling as this moves forward. This sounds like things are clicking along to me, almost routine! I know that sounds kinda wild, seeing as how you are apart, however I sense something, a real connection between you and this person.

    I drew one more card for fun ...I want to see how you can help, specifically. The Ten of Swords - this picks up on the five advice card sounds like more of the same, the ten of swords is like "the end of the matter" on the mental realm, the thoughts "about the situation" end, and I want to say that leads into some healthier...

    Let's see...

    The Queen of Swords - Yes! She appears now from Heaven to say, I have your mind and your heart in my hand, and will guide you as to what to say. So the swords energy, this intellectual force you have contended with, is heaven-sent, that is what is going on. For some reason, this relationship has a very strong air-intellectual and "thinking things through" kind of thing going on, a lot of that. And so, it is like there was a "lot left unsaid" that should have been said. That is what I am feeling.

    I believe that should you ever be able to see this person again, that an intellectual dam would burst between you, you would have a good cry. And that would be that. Then something nice can develop from that. It is really like your Mother in Heaven has guard over this matter and is bringing the BOTH of you to a ten of swords epiphany, where you collapse, in one another's arms...

    which is exactly where you wanted to be all along.

    So, it sounds to me that some communications are in order first and foremost. Have you tried to contact this person lately? You should, and be brave, don't be concerned in the slightest as to what to say you have some very strong heavenly energies protecting you, your Queen over your beautiful mind and thoughts, remember! So look for an opening for a discussion, a phone call, a message will get through.

    It is wild that I saw the only cup back there in the past problems slot... and to see that there. Well, whatever that was, I can really feel some pain there. Which seems to have thrust the relationship into more of an intellectual, material concerns thing... ugh.. and so you are coming out of that...

    Communications seems to be the only advice I am feeling...

    I hope that gives you something to consider. Follow your own heart in this situation, you are on the right track though. Your heart is really calling you to this person.

    And yes... the Moon... very sweet, like there is a wonderful night awaiting the two of you... under a beautiful moon...

    I felt really nice things...

  • Astrangel I love all your words !! thank you so much i sent him a message today and we talk for a lil bit ... mostly about his work and that he is very focus on that, however it wasn't easy to talk to him.. maybe bc it was messages, but he was very defensive and acted cut and dry =( i dint attack him or anything like that, i didn't ask questions like why he stop talking to me, he was taking things very in a very defensive way.....

    let me tell you a lil more about my history with him, I've been single for more than 2 year, happy of being single after a very long and painful relationship, and then this guy came and i wasn't expecting anything he totally rock my world... then my best friend over 10 years started to flirt with him and things ended where i don't have a best friend anymore or the guy that i fell for..... so it was double the pain, and still is I must say !!

    you have already done so much for me giving me your advice and little bit of hope and I thank you much for that, if you have any more advice or anything left to say i would so appreciate it, I Know your are trying to help so many people and I admire you for that !! sorry if I am already asking too much ! but this is the firs time and a very long time where i feel that somebody knows what i'm really going through! thank you once again !!!

  • up

  • Hi again Sandy

    I will follow the cards and see what comes up for you...

    Eight of Pentacles and Judgment - tells me two things, you are in the midst of this material concern, that traces back top the relationship... judgment tells me that the relationship is not over. There is a judgment or something up in the air....

    Nine of Pentacles so this material, financial solid thing you had or thought you had was a real impact on the relationship... what was that?

    Eight of Wands - I see something happening quickly here, as a progression of what that material matter is, so hang on is all I can tell you.

    King of Swords it looks very good that you are going to gave a face to face soon and somehow these topics are going to be opened out more...

    The World - says, as you talk this out, you can expect a light to dawn for the two of you, like you have a better understanding of your place in the world... something you were working on together... perhaps...

    The Empress - it was connected to earth issues, a love you shared for something earthy and natural, with this person and the Empress shows up here...


    The Tower comes and knocked it all down... ouch... I am looking for a hope here... we have three Major Arcana cards here in a row, that is pretty intense. That says to me that whatever you two are about has a lot of strong like "I am going through some serious transitions" and that energy can be difficult to manage between you. Like you are each on a separate path and it has been hard to reconcile some of the differences.

    I think the Empress represents this "friend" who came into the picture... some real turmoil after she came in...

    finally, the Queen of Wands... sounds encouraging to me as this ties back to the eight wand we started with, which is that fast-fast energy you are in... you could be feeling like life is moving to quickly laterly. This Queen is saying all is under control, and to keep the faith... I see her coming into her own soon...

    Something good coming after the pain you have experienced...

    The Magician says you are wise to keep looking up to the stars, and to know you are waging a courageous life, and that your answers will come like magic... be ready to catch them when they fall from the sky for you...


  • SO i see that the Eight and Nine of Pentacles are in the past and the present is marked by that Eight of wands which is the energy you are contending with now. Quickly change will come for you.

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