I'm new and curious

  • Hello Captain,

    I would love a reading. I wrote on someone else topic last week. Sorry! I didn't know how this whole thing works. But here I am again. I'm coming to you because I have a friend that I've known since high school and I think I'm starting to have feelings for him. After I left for college, we've stayed in contact and about a year ago we started getting really close. Phone calls and text every night and I completely freaked! I stopped talking to him for a while because I was afraid of what was going on. You see, he's always been my friend and I wouldn't want to loose that. So this is why I am here. I am stuck on whether or not I should pursue something more than a friendship with him. Are we even compatible romantically? If you could give me any insight, it would be much appreciated Captain.

    My birthday: February 11, 1989

    His birthday: June 09, 1989



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