Scorpio & Virgo...very complicated..I need help

  • I am a virgo woman seeing a scorpio man and my head is spinning, our relationship is'nt the most straight forward and I could do with some advice from scorpios please. Ok please dont judge...I have known my scorpio for 2 years as a work colleague, I never really liked him that much I always saw him as crude and his sense of humour was sarcastic and cruel, not really someone I would have as a friend. Then I started to get to know him better he started giving me a lift home from work, he was softer, still a bit crude but I thought that he was more misunderstood. We started seeing each other and I really enjoyed his company and I got the feeling he enjoyed mine. OK here goes, dont judge remember. he was married, he told me that he did nt love his wife and that he had just gone along with things for so long that he needed a plan before he would leave her. After having an affair for 6 months he started to ignore me, I started chasing him, I asked him honestly was he still interested in a relationship with me and he said yes, so I asked why he was ignoring me, he said that he had a lot going on, I told him that it sounded like he should be on his own for a while and he agreed that I was right, 2 days later he left his wife, he told me that he loved me and my natural reaction was to brush it off although I had feelings for him too. He quickly said that he did nt mean it and that he was just confused as he has lots of things going through is mind. I know that he has lots of marital decisions going on at the moment but he has cut me off completely, I am now the one doing the running again, I have told him that I have feelings for him and that I want us to be together, he has said that he needs to sort his head out before he can have a relationship again with me, My question is, is this normal for scoprios, I feel as though I am on a rollercoaster, he is such a contradiction, I am very analytical, has he played me or his this common in Scorpios, is there a future here?

  • preciousvirgo...scorpio men are normally very loyal and brutally honest...sounds like he is going through a lot with his marriage....give him space, he will be back. Take a step back, don't contact him, he will be back. Sometimes they get so entrenched in fear it takes over all other emotions....don't chase him or you may add to his his safe place, the voice of reason in all the chaos.

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