• Namaste,

    I have been on tarot now for almost 2 years, and i found an old post of mine and decided to start a new thread..I have seen alot of people come and go...I have also seen so much growth in alot of us...Do you know the answer, WHY, for me i wanted to seek answers and fill my spirit with knowledge, i still do! I still see some people who are asking the same questions from years ago, why I continuly ask myself, are they afraid to take that leap of faith...Are they afraid of looking inside to find a solution...Are they afraid to make choices...Are they afraid of the truth?

    Well I know i was, so I cannot Judge anyone...I am just greatful as the student the teachers appeard many times and I made that choice to love me first, though its hard especialy when its forieng(sp) to you.

    So again why are you here?

    My post from last year on Bees creative writing thread..

    love and light



    There once was a young woman who arrives at Tarot in October 2009. So lost was this woman, with so many fears and insecurities…How she found this place, I do not know…Perhaps, her Angels guided her. What a lucky woman she was, but she did not know this yet. She was so full of questions but scared to ask for she might sound stupid or worse yet know one would answer her posts… Step by Step, this young woman decided to read all about these magical gifts, more and more the excitement rose inside…She knew she belonged here but how, she did not know. She would start so many posts then delete them because she was afraid of the answers she had inside…Could they really tell me the same as what I was thinking…She decide to follow some of the familiar form users that caught her attention, little by little the young woman felt some changes taking place. Her spirit was coming alive “shouting with excitement and more knowledge that she could ever hope for. It was like a fantasy, that had come true…She just kept drinking up the knowledge like a child in school, she couldn’t wait for A POST THAT SHE WAS INTERESTED IN AND ALL THE ANSWERS THAT FOLLOWED…As she was getting braver by the day, she felt a lot of love. The support that people were giving and receiving all this was just too good to be true. Some of the answers that were given in the threads she was reading, she started to realize something! “The messages were making her think and they were helping her to grow. However, how could they, she did not ask the question…

    Today is the day the young woman was going to ask her first question, so she began to write her question to one of the seer’s she stared at the question for what she thought was hours…Then a gentle voice from inside said post it don’t be afraid anymore. That was it, now she thought how stupid her question was, oh what did I just do? What are they going to say…“Taken over from embarrassment she closed out of tarot?” She told herself she was not coming back…This poor young woman cried to herself, so much pain in her heart. She went right past the fear and signed back on. “NO, answer was given; in her mind, she thought what seemed to be an hour was only a few minutes. So, she did what she usually did followed her threads that had her attention, wishing she could belong, some made her weep and some brought out so much laughter something she hadn’t done in a long time…Then there was some that even made her angry, her heart just wanted to stop in and tell them what she thought! If she did this, it would not be right, she had learned this much, from reading some of the threads!

    Awe, the young woman went back to her post, OMG she thought there an answer to my question…

    She was excited and scared, but continued to read her responses. Her mouth was wide open lapping up all of the words…“She was stunned by some of the answers she got and she began to get very angry!” How could they know this, they do not know me…They misunderstood my question. Well, the young woman began to defend herself not knowing that the answer was coming from the person’s heart and it was not to hurt her.

    Time went on and this young woman had realized she was growing and going into another journey. The young woman was beginning to join in some threads. “Still holding back some of her thoughts she just participated in the ones she was familiar with.”

    Now, moving fast forward, this young woman was becoming an adult, she had never felt as if she belonged anywhere in her life, and felt so much love and compassion.

    She began to laugh out loud, she began to feel her feelings, she began to have compassion for her self, she started to reach out and ask for help when she was sad, she began to try and help other people, for that made her feel the blessed….

    Now where is this woman you might ask, and who is she…Well it is I…The one who is so grateful for the friends she has made, for all the love and support Dailey that I see…For the threads that make me laugh so hard I peeeee, for the beautiful pictures I am hoarding, LOL! On the other hand, the tears I have cried today, when someone said goodbye, not knowing the whys or if they are ok. For the tears, I cried when someone who has been away and I have not heard from them to see if they are ok. For the WISDOM, I receive every day.

    For all those who decided to go and start a new journey on there own…I wish them all the love I have in my heart that they continue to grow…For all the strangers that show there love and support.

    For all the givers, seer’s readers, they use their gifts sooo freely that it warms my heart. I am truly blessed, that I have receive their gifts, more than a few times.

    To all of you who are here right now…




    My new name



  • Tears are for healing.

    Thanks... I've joined to help and receive help, heartwork is key.


  • Hi Shee lovely to see you back again! I love your short story and I can so relate to it. I too came looking for answers and stayed, the threads were source of fascination. Then LoaP started the taurus thread and there I met her and RC and we have since become really close, and I have met others too who have also become dear friends. And it was through Mags and Rc that I discovered my gifts and through Jlinaangel thatI realised my healing powers. And I am still here to help other people. This board is great for beginners.


  • 🙂

    Buddhist Proverb said: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and: “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

    If you are not ready for the truth then don't ask 🙂 by me lol

    “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

    “To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”


    My teacher below lol!!!

    love and light to all


  • My Journey,

    I eeeeeeee what a teacher this picture offers up. lol Hope she is'nt the next one for me. I came here in hopes of offering help and have received so much in return. I have grown in my area of clairvoyance and am grateful to each and every person that has given me the opt to read for them, for they give me strength and assurance that Iam on the right pathway.


  • I am still in my learning phase, I come here because I have a thrust for knowledge!

  • That's a very good question shee, I came to learn more about myself, and find out who i am. I am also here for the knowledge for learning things spiritual and wanting to meet people when i first started i was quiet too, now I'm not.. I am still learning and growing. It takes time. I have learned a lot about myself, from being here. thanks shee.

    Hugs n love Bee x

  • Hey cool thread you guys have here 🙂

    I was googling astrology stuff (but mainly japanese culture ;), stumbled upon the "all things Pisces" where i found out there's a thing called "life path", googled that came back here to post heretic things on the "does God create to condemn" thread and well, you know the rest......

    Learned lots, met interesting people, posted loads of stoopid pictures it has been a wonderful journey ! Now excuse me while i continue to be my usual self lol 😄

  • You write beautifully myjourney!!! you have written on how I feel and probably how others do too.

    I also came looking for spiritual answers and inspiration. I have started to confront the past so I can make a better future for me & my kids and I have learned alot about myself as well as others and I like it!!!

    Seehorse don't ever loose your sense of humor - I love your posts because even on the serious subjects besides making one think it makes me smile or laugh which I have learned makes life so much easier when one can laugh

  • I have joined this tarot.com for inspiration, receive and hopefully give help, gain awareness and seek answers for the many questions I have. Perhaps for the first time in my life I can be who I am in here and not looked as if I am an idiot wondering about such things. My spirit must have guided me here for some reason and I am extremely fortunate for this to have happened.

  • Brilliant Seehorse!

  • 😮

  • lol sh, i can always count on my bro to put a smile on my face...

    i'm packing my last few items, then my moving truck will be here...this is going to be a fresh start for my 11 year old daughter and i...i have never purged so many items in my life and it really feels good...another piece of knowledge i have gained since coming on tarot..though i had many panic attacks of letting go of a simple piece of paper, i did it...i am very proud of myself right now...my daughter also purged a few items we went from 30 stuffed animals maybe more hiden, down to letting go of 12 less to carry around with us..her melt downs made mine worse lol..but we did it..ok i will see all of you soon untill then ....blessings

    love and light


  • Thank you for the blessings! 🙂


  • good luck on your move MJ many blessing to you & your daughter

  • Seehorse that is funny I would be saying that after a couple of drinks 😄

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