AstraAngel, help please

  • Hey AstraAngel,

    You helped me earlier with my problems with my best friend Nathan McNabb...

    "Hey AstraAngel. I'm new here and I need your help.

    I have the BIGGEST crush on my best friend, Nathan McNabb. I'm a Virgo, he's a Libra. We're the same age, but I'm a few weeks older than him. I have recently told him my feelings for him and we both agreed that even though we'll be good together and have a fun relationship, we don't think it's a good time to start a relationship because he's going off to Florida for College while I'm staying in Virginia.

    What I want to know is:

    1- Does he like me the same way I like him?

    2- Do you think that we have the potential to end up together?

    3- Do you think that we can overcome a long distance relationship?

    Thanks! "

    But what I want to know now is...

    1. My birthday is today, do you think my best friend will send me a gift or surprise me in some way?

    2. I know that you said that everything will work out between us, but when do you see our relationship starting to head in that direction?

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