Need advice on tarot reading for this guy I like.

  • I began to notice a japanese guy smoking at my office building smoking area since october. There are alot of japanese men smoking as well but I am being attracted only by him. So I passed him a card, is purely a concern card with no contact and no name indicated. After the card incident, somehow or rather I can feel that he is hiding from me whenever I am at the smoking area. We begin to have eye contact but I am too shy so I am always the one who eventually look away. There was a time when he is with his colleague smoking he tends to keep looking at my direction and having kind of funny actions. I was shocked and don't know how to react and in the end I walked away. We have been having several eye contacts but I don't have the courage to smile at him. It has been many many months already. It seems like now he didnt show any further action. We stopped having eye contact simply just like nothing happen before. I really wish to know how he feels about me. Is he interested in me or simply not at all. Should i move on or wait for him to approach. I am in no position to do any thing already. Can anyone guide me on this issue? thanks ya!

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