Sending up a signal flare for PisceanHealer

  • Marc, I haven't seen you on the boards lately and haven't been here much myself but have thought of you often, and when I saw RedPetals was also wondering where you were, it felt like time to send out a message.

    I drew two cards for you and got the two of Pentacles reversed and the Hermit reversed…which to me suggests you've been in a period of transition that's pulling you in different directions at once, maybe overwhelmingly so; and that although you've needed quiet time for contemplation to process and focus on the changes, solitude may also be making you feel isolated and lonely, maybe even rejected. Hermit being the 9 card, it seems like the changes at hand could also indicate the end of one life stage or cycle and the start of another. So I pulled one more for the future and got the King of Pents upright: a financially and spiritually stable, methodical, conscientious, and grounded in nature; and, basking in abundance himself, in turn a true provider for others, both materially and through sharing his wisdom. Could also represent you soon to successfully attain a goal or complete a creative or business venture?

    Whatever the cards say and whatever your circumstances, I just wanted you to know that you're missed by your forum friends, and to send you warm thoughts & love & light and wish you blessings abundant. We'll be very glad to see you here if and when you have the time and inclination. Meanwhile, you know we're always in touch on one plane or another. —gd ❤

  • Hi, gd,

    that was so kind of you...i also have been thinking of marc aka PH, i sent him a email the other day, i was feeling the same as you..i can't speak for him on his whys on not being here on tarot lately but he did respond to me, and he is doing good:)

    love and light sweetie


  • Hi MJ Sheila—Thanks so much for letting me know he's well! Of course we all kinda come and go around here according to what's happening in our daily lives—but have just been missing his voice on the forum, and hoped his absence wasn't for health reasons. So glad to hear things are good with him. love and light and hugs : ) gd

  • Thanks gd. email me: marc askmarc co uk and I will fill you in on the details 🙂

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