Can someone interpert a reading for me...

  • the question: does he love me?

  • here it is...

  • again...

  • Anyone?

  • Hi Doeyedpisces,

    I am being told that you need to adopt a more practical approach to this situation right now as well as to expect more for yourself. What did you learn from this relationship? It feels like you are sacrificing your standards or self-esteem at the moment and have given your power away to this man. You are being encouraged to take back this power and become the leader in your life again. Do not burn yourself out striving for something that may not be for your best good. I am getting a message of stand stall, stride forward confidently and make no apologies for yourself or what you want in life. The specific message with regard to this man is that you have done enough and it is time to let go. From the cards you pulled, it appears to me that he has moved on or is looking for a new relationship, but you are hanging on thinking that you cannot be happy without him. Nothing could be further from the truth! You do not need this man to be happy. There is someone better waiting for you, but you have to be willing to let go of the old in order to receive the new...



  • I guess I never interpet these cards right...when I ask a question does he love me and see the ace of cups, my assumption is the answer is yes...

  • I know, sorry hun. But the Ace of Cups appeared in "how he feels" and this card can point to a NEW love, not just a rekindling of love. It is a little ambiguous until you see that the card that showed up as "how I appear to him" was Death. He sees this relationship as over and is either in a new relationship or looking to a new relationship. Your Sun card indicates that you think that he is your source of happiness. That Devil shows your passion for him but in this case is more an indication of obsession and needing to let go of something that has become more of a source of co-dependency than love. The two 5 cards are pointing to change and your resistance to it as well as holding onto the past.

    I decided to pull some of my own cards for you and this is what I got...

    The Issue: Empress reversed

    Past: Ace of Pents reversed

    Present: 6 of Swords reversed

    You: Justice reversed

    What You Need to Face: 9 of Pents

    Your Current Challenge: 3 of Wands

    What's Blocking You: Temperance reversed

    The "Other": 9 of Cups reversed

    Advice: 8 of Cups

    Potential Outcome if Advice is Followed: Ace of Wands

    These cards confirm to me that this relationship has run its course and is something you need to release but you are resisting doing so (Ace of Pents and 6 of Swords reversed). Also that this man is not the one for you (9 of Cups reversed, Temperance reversed). They are showing you as trying to blend two things that do not go well together (Temperance reversed), being out of balance, overcome by emotion and sensitivity and resistant to being alone or just letting go (Justice reversed, Empress reversed, 9 of Pents). You need to muster up the strength to let go of the past and look to the future (3 of Wands and 8 of Cups). I know you will find this upsetting because you do not want to let go, but the good news is that once you do, there is new life and a new passion ahead of you (Ace of Wands).



  • Ok...but I appear as death reversed....not death....but I guess that would as signify not letting go....right?

  • Sometimes reversed cards can mean the opposite of the upright position, sometimes they mean the upright position is more entrenched and sometimes the reversal takes on another meaning entirely. But remember that Death suggest a rebirth that follows the death. So the reversed position could be saying there is no rebirth in his mind as far as the future for the two of you....done. finito. caput.

  • Ok, thx.

  • I'm sorry I know it's hard, but you really must let go of this as it has become an obsession for you and is hindering your ability to live life fully. I also have to say that the King of Cups showing up as "what he thinks"......this came through to me as "Cancer." Is that his sun sign?

  • Yes and I am a pisces....and we are both married. He hasn't talked to me in a year. It was an emotional affair that lasted a couple of years via the internet. But I have known him for 14 years.

  • And his 5 of swords behavoir (very accurate) towards me in the end has brought on a depression that led to health problems and weight gain. I actually suffered that broken heart syndrome...for 3 weeks (after it happened) my blood pressure was out of control along with my heart rate being crazy. My health is under control now but the blues are still dominating my life. Every song I write seems to go back to the broken heart theme...

    I think I was hoping that at the very least he had love in his heart for me...even if it is not meant to least it wasn't all for nothing.

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