Shubby, BIMoon, Watergirl, Daoilte, etc.? Novelist?

  • Hello,

    I have dreams of being a novelist. I finished my latest novel "The Ticket" and am editing it. I also changed the title to "Full Circle." It's a society novel / novel of manners (like Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, Henry James, and F. Scott Fitzgerald) but it's more modern than Jane Austen, understandably.

    I'm working on editing it right now and I hope to edit it twice before I start sending it out. Does anyone see me being successful with this particular novel (getting it published and then making me well-known enough that I can make a career out of that book and then even more novels) or is it a waste of time for me to keep working on it and I should continue working on some of the later ideas that I have started to sketch out because they'll more likely be published than "Full Circle"?



  • I think you'll do well in your own pursuits. Pursue all avenues available. I'll look at another reading.

  • Thank you, Daolite. Oh in case you didn't know already by the way, referring to the other reading, "fire" doesn't mean much to me... the first thing I thought of when you asked me if a fire meant anything to me is that Dmitry's Sun sign is in Leo, Venus is in Leo, and Mars is in Leo. That's all I got so far when you said "fire": sorry! 😞


  • I'm sorry I mixed you up w/someone else. So, disregard my last statement. Can still do a reading, will try and do it soon.

  • Okay thank you. 🙂

  • Anyone willing to give some advice, that would be great, thanks!

  • Hi Nina,

    It is never a waste of time to put effort into our dreams! Besides, if you never put your full efforts into it - bringing something to completion rather than quitting before the finish line - then you will never really "know" if it was meant to be successful or not. And some of our most valuable lessons come from our failures so do not be afraid of failure. With each so-called failure in life comes knowledge and the chance to make ourselves better. To learn and grow from the experience. This is where true character comes from. That's my personal for your reading...

    Remain disciplined and focused rather than consuming yourself with fear and self-doubt. Surrender to the flow of life, trust your impulses and take action on them rather than analyzing them to death. In other words, put more trust in yourself, the Universe and the natural flow or synchronicity in life. Believe in your dreams and do not allow others' opinions to derail you or your self-esteem. Your dreams will become a reality so do not abort your efforts. Loosen up and allow your creative juices to flow and do not allow yourself to become too sterile or controlled as this leads to stagnation. Express yourself in your art (I think this means to put more of yourself and your personal experience in your writing).



  • Hello Watergirl,

    Thank you for your reading. Was that specific to my novel? As in... if I follow your advice, do you see me being able to specifically make a career out of writing novels?



  • Yes - it means that you will be successful in your dream provided you stop analyzing everything to death and allow your creative juices to flow, put more of yourself into your work in order to avoid it becoming too sterile, follow things through to completion rather than stopping just before the finish line, and NOT BEING AFRAID OF FAILURE!

  • Hello Watergirl,

    Thank you so much for your positive reading! Although we should not be afraid to hear the truth, even when it's a negative one that we do not want to hear, it always feels good to hear something positive!

    I'm wondering if you see the nature of my success. I'm hoping to publish more thoughtful literature. Do you see it being just generally popular fiction (Twilight... O_O ) or popular by certain (i.e. thoughtful and intelligent) circles of readers? Generally well-known but popular with certain types of people with certain very specific tastes in literature?

    I've always hoped to write work that was not only entertaining but also thoughtful with depth. That is my goal and what I am working towards right now. 🙂


  • Hi Nina,

    Well, first of all, you should just focus on your art - your creativity - and let it come out however it comes out. What is it that you really want here? To do something you love or to have fame and fortune, ie: validation from the general public? Any artist or creative person I have known has always let their craft lead them organically into the "what's next" and they have never ever worried about whether or not the general public would consider it successful. In other words, what was important to them was expressing themselves and doing something they loved, not acceptance from others. I wouldn't focus so much on the audience you will reach. Once you complete the novel you are working on now and submit it to editors you will get feedback that will help you. You will also get very good feedback and direction from your professors at school. Relax and let your art develop organically - go with the flow. You have a tendency to get ahead of yourself. In other words - and at the risk of sounding like a broken record - stop THINKING so much and have FUN with it!

  • Hello WaterGirl,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I think that I care about validation from others because firstly, I would like to make a living off of this so other people liking my work is sort of important. And also because I don't want my book to be fly-off-the-shelves popular (as stable as that would make me financially) as much as thoughtful... discussion worthy... when it comes to literature, books that's literary art versus stories, the goal is often to provoke discussion.

    So in the case of writing... when I say that my goal is to write a book that has depth and promotes conversation, intellectualism, debate and thought, that's basically the same thing as saying "I wan to write a book that's less of a story and more of a readable work of art." When books are art, their point is often to promote discussion, conversation, etc.

    I guess another reason why I prefer to distinguish between between "fly off the shelves" popular or thoughtful is because, well, I guess I don't want to be associated with anything "silly." 😉

    But yes, I do see what you are trying to tell me .Thank you for your advice! Take care.

  • In present, your excited about creativity. I get giving back, creating something different that will benefit. Your excitement is hard to share. Kinda like a rock star in different era. You'll be best at creating own ideas. You are alone at present and this somehow dominates this reading. Maybe you feel all alone in this. This reading is saying...this is what suits you. Maybe all writers and artists create their own art. They are inspired to do the work--it comes from within is what I'm picking up. I think you'll have to be patient in all of this. Follow your own agenda on this. If something is turned down--don't believe it, continue on.

    In near past, working towards a more positive outcome. Patience, expertise, challenging yourself. Soulmate, love in far past that might reoccur in future.

    You're on the right path, what you were destined to do. Something to benefit others? Follow your hunches. Feels like it's something that you've had inspiration to do or will require inspiring other people to get it off the ground, so to speak. Your reading mentions to avoid illusion. Also, avoid people who want to set your agenda--Shows you impatient for love or maybe not mature enough although you have learned lessons regarding love. Serious prospect for love.

    I can read the ace of swords as your outcome a few ways. I get speedy delivery of news, I also get life's purpose paired w/the hermit.



    below--king of rods

    near future--6 of coins

    future--high priestess

    You--9 of coins


    hopes and fears--page of cups

    outcome--ace of swords

  • DesiringLove, have you shown your book to those around you to get any feedback - to an online or local critique group, friends or family, for example?

  • Dear Daolite,

    Thank you for your reading. When you mention "benefit others" I think of how I've always thought about certain charitable things I would do if I became wealthy... and I also considered, if I was a popular enough author, to release books where a certain percentage of the income would go to charity...

    Other than that, I'm going to need to absorb your reading first because I have any questions, if any. 🙂 On first reading, it all seemed quite clear and straight forward; thank you!


  • And Captain,

    Good to hear from you. To answer your question, yes I have gotten feedback from friends, family, teachers, critique groups, etc. and they have all thought that it was well-written yet given me some tips for improvement.

    Right now I'm thinking more of a publishing standpoint and whether it's the right path for me, if you understand... I know I enjoy it. But would it be where my life takes me...

    Thanks though!

  • You have nothing to lose by submitting your manuscript to a publisher.

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